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let's all join hands for a moment of silence
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robar wrote:
let's all join hands for a moment of silence
Back off now...I'm tellin ya to BACK OFF NOW!!!! LOL
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I agee with Dawg!!! lets watch that group hugs and holding hands thing....:G

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Old Feb 8, 2008, 5:20 PM   #14
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I post on this forum and on pentax.forum. I actually started here because when I started, I really didn't know which dsrl I was going to buy -- I bought the K100D, and I'm very happy with it. I have seen some of the folks from here also post over there andI enjoy both forums, but like others have posted, I don't join in the "testy" sessions. I don't see the point to some of the discussions, so I simply pass them by. I posted a couple of times at dpr, and quickly decided that there were simply too may primadonas, and too much BS. I don't even visit there anymore.
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Old Feb 8, 2008, 9:03 PM   #15
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I've been inhabitating both forums fora while now. I don't post much over there. I do lurk there as there is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned if you just read a bit and I am a bit of a gearhead, much like when I was a serious bass fisherman. Talk about egos! Arguing about their boats...LOL A boat never caught a fish!

I mainly like checking out the pics and learning techniques.

Here it is much more laid back and civil. :-)

Here is a link to an article in Outdoor Photographer that is really eye opening!


Good read.


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Old Feb 8, 2008, 10:13 PM   #16
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Dennis, That was a very interesting article. Thanks for pointing us there.

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Old Feb 9, 2008, 11:05 AM   #17
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It's kinda funny, whenever I'm telling someone about this forum, I always get a look like "You...are on a forum?? on the internet?" & before they can say it, I'll say "Yeah, me on a forum. I never thought I would be on a forum!" But I've showed some of them the pix that are shared here & always tell them how cool that it is that we have literally people from across the globe, getting together to comment on pictures, topics of general interest, equipment, etc. & (for the most part) we all respect each other's views & opinions.

Seems like folks get a kick out of some of the stories as well. Whether it's about Roger's wildlife shots in New Mexico...Daniel's BIF shots in Toronto...Ira's seascapes in Newfoundland...Harriet's mountain shots in Cali...Kjell's perspective in Sweden...Tim's police work in Florida...Crash's (I mean Peacekeepers) travels of ......well, wherever Crash is at the time....& then there is the BIGDAWG!!!:G& where would we be without Roy in DFW!!

Thanks Steve!!! You are the man!Along with the administrators as well!!!

Cum...Pen....tax...my lord...Cum...Pen...tax!!!LOL! sorry couldn't resist!
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Hi guys

I have to agree with the majority. I belong to 3 Other Forums, And all I can say is this Is Home for me.

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