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fisheye4 Dec 23, 2007 1:40 PM

I've been playing around with my new p-ttl flash and I've noticed a few things regarding different camera presets.

When shooting in P or Auto mode the Exp is 45, f 2.4 fairly consistantly,
On Tv the F stays at 1.7 or 2 no matter what the lighting, and only changes when I lower the speed to around 1 sec.
And on Av the Exp is fixed at 45 no matter what the lighting or aperature.

Is this normal? I'd like to be able to adjust the Aperature and keep the shutter speed at close to 60 when using the flash (in Av mode obviously) but it's stuck at 45 for some reason (well below the flash sync speed)


mtngal Dec 23, 2007 5:21 PM

Are you using the K100 or the K10? If you are using the K10, have you tried to use the Tav mode? I can't experiment at the moment - my new flash is wrapped under the tree (don't ask). I haven't used my flash much with the K100 yet.

It partly depends on what flash you are using as some flashes are provide more light than others are capable of. Flashes that produce less light will require slower shutter speeds to give you the same exposure (less light).

fisheye4 Dec 23, 2007 5:44 PM

I'm using the k110d (old school now I guess). I'm just wondering why when I am on Av mode, if I meter the shot at a dark scene on f4.0 the shutter is set for 45, and when I meter at a light the shutter is still at 45. I know the flash will compensate but shouldn't the sutter speed also increase? At least to 60. The sync speed of the flash is 180 so there is plenty of working room there.
I'm assuming 45 is the slowest shutter speed these cameras select when given the choice (using a flash), I'm just hoping it never goes below that for any reason.

Peacekeeper Dec 23, 2007 5:46 PM

Sorry, I can't help you on that. If I am using flash I usually set my camera to M mode and set Shutter to 1/100sec, Aperture between f/4.5 - f/8 and ISO between 200-400.

Flash works well

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