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So I came to realize that there's two particular pixels on my CCD that like to act up. Given it's an easy fix manually, just use the healing brush or some other method to correct them on jpegs.

I was toying with the Pentax Photolab and it seems like the program insists on beating me to the pixels. I've turned off all the adjustments, but when I zoom in on the problem spot the pixel is there, then when the image comes into focus (the proggy's a bit slow on my system) the pixel is corrected. I can make it appear and vanish by pretty much checking and unchecking any adjustment (it's easy to find, it's almost in the center of the censor) It appears as the program is thinking, then vanishes when it's done.

Now I'm not complaining, it's a GREAT feature and may make me stick to PEF files exclusively to have the program correct them for me, but does anyone know WHY the photolab is zapping these things automatically?

Edited: Examples since the viewer shows the hot pixels-->
A bad long exposure of my cat (trying to coax the pixel)

And as the lab processes it (I adjusted the white balance in this one)

The pixel on my boy's forehead in the viewer

And then in the lab

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no exif info
exif is important
1st is not a hotpixel. it's dirt on the sensor.
2nd may be a hot pixel but with out the exif, no one can tell.
if you are using PS for raw image conversion it will automatically get rid of hot pixels.

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Thought the cat one looked different. Guess the proggy automatically compensates for that, too!

The one on my son is the real deal, it's in most every image I've taken. I'm using the pentax photo-lab, so I guess it does the same thing. I've not yet figured out how to get my version of photoshop to see PEF files.

Dirt.. geez. Maybe I need that there K100D Super

robar, what info can the exif reveal about hot pixels?
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