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It's been a long time since I've used an SLR - for the last few years I've been using a 2 megapixel Olympus C-2020Z. In the distant past I've used a Nikon 2002 SLR.

I've just bought a Pentax K10D body, and the version II of the kit lens - they're still in transit. I just did a quick search for "K10D tutorials" here, with no matches. Google returns some hits on various books and DVDs.

Would anyone recommend any of the available tutorials for the K10D?

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Hi Larry,

I'd dowload the K10 manual from the Pentax site, and read it. As in most Japanese product manuals, it can be a bit obtuse, but you can start to familiarize yourself with the control layout. When you get the camera, I'd start out in "green mode" which is fully automatic. and take some pics -- you don't have to take anything important, just take grab shots of anything around you.

I'd then take the manual and the camera and go through it chapter by chapter until you have a good understanding of all the controls and functions -- remember that you can set everything back to default with one press of a button, so nothing will be irrevocably damaged. The number of settings might be intimidating, but there are good people here to answer any specific questions that you might have concerning just about anything to do with the K10.

Have some patience, and take a lot of pictures. If you have questions or problems, it's a good idea to post an example so people here can get an idea of what you're talking about.

BTW, congrats on your new camera, and welcome to the forum!

We all look forward to see some pics, and your impressions of the K10.

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You can always ask questions here - we're all friendly sorts who have probably asked the same question in the past.

I bought the Magic Lantern K10 guide and found it somewhat useful, especially about flash which was like a foreign language to me. The owners manual tells you how to do things very well, but not necessarily why you might want to do it. The Magic Lantern guide does a better job explaining why, and puts things on a basic level. If you have a reasonable SLR background/knowledge of basic photogrpahy you might not need anything more than the manual.

I ended up starting using the P mode instead of the green mode - you have more ability to change things if you don't like what the camera chooses, but the camera still can do things automatically if you don't want to think about anything.
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I always suggest that first timers begin by going through Steve's review of a camera -it functions well as a tutorial for basic familiarization (see the link at the top of this forum list of topics).
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I have the Magic Lantern guide and find it very useful..it also has a handy wallet size care to use in the field. Also look up on Amazon..the QuickPro DVD on the K10D. It got it last week and it is excellent. Both guide and DVD are worth the price. Whbroker
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