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I don't use the sharpening tool in LR - I always wait and do it in CS2 (I'm like you, I haven't bought CS3 yet. It's worse for me because the ACR that works with CS2 doesn't recognize the K20 if I shoot PEF, so I use LR). There are controls I like in LR better as far as cropping, rotating and curve adjustment, it's easy to do.

However, recently I've been shooting raw+ and have noticed that the raw files processed with LR are never as sharp as the jpg straight out of the K20. Sometimes I prefer the raw converted file as occasionally the in-camera sharpening is a bit too much.

Maybe for Christmas we'll carry through and buy Macs, which would also give me an excuse to buy CS3.
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That is the issue I had with my DS, the PEF files after conversion in ACR were no sharper than jpg files after processing in CS2. The K10D was different, the PEF files were sharper than the jpg files after ACR conversion, but not as sharp as those processed in Pentax Lab.

So far I am stuck and have not found the program that really gives me what I want even though I do come up with sharp images using the programs I already have.

I find the AF coming from Pentax isn't what it could be, or even as fast as it use to be, but I still prefer my Penatx gear compared to Nikon or Canon. I don't want the oversharpened images I see coming from Canon, I prefer the more film like images Pentax produces, but I want them to be the best thay can be.

Sort of sharp, but not too sharp!!

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The comparison is pointless. Either the two programs do things differently (highly likely), or you don't know how to use either one well (a possibility) or you purposely messed them up (more unlikely then the second one).

In the end the comparison is pointless. Either program can turn out good images. It would be very easy to increase the contrast of the ACR one to match the Lab one. In the end neither one of them are good images.

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