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I just got my first roll of film developed from this camera and noticed quite a few of the shots were missing.
Looking at the negatives I see some are just blank and therefore weren't printed.

I have a feeling the curtain didn't open when I took the shot and I then wound on the film for the next shot.

I noticed 2 of my shots came out like this:

Following both of these shots were blank negatives so I think the curtain is getting jammed or isn't opening quick enough.

Other than these 2 shots and the blank ones (8 out of 36 exposures) the rest came out fine.

I'm a total film n00b, so has anyone got any ideas on what I can do?
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Well the good thing is that you can inspect this relatively easy.

Open up the back of the camera, as if you would put in a new film.

leave it open, and take a few shots and see what happens to the curtain.

you can find the service manual here. I can't make much of them, but they might be useful...


Also this guy had the same problem: http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00KzoJ


P.S.: On second thought, the picture you're showing doesn't seem liek a problem with the curtain, because then the picture would be blacked out horizontally.
My guess is that the film didn't advance properly.
Do you have a motor-winder for it? If you do, you could test this theory...problems with the winder are very common with old film cameras. As a matter of fact I'm trying to fix one on a Pentax ME currently...
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After trying to figure out what shots are missing I've come to the conclusion that they were all taken outside so are likely to been at a higher shutter speed.

I've tried firing the shutter with the back open and I can't see any problems, even when pointing directly at the sky.
The first curtain moves up when you wind on and the second curtain is just too fast to see where it goes, it certainly isn't getting jammed though.

I don't have a winder for it, no.
Whoops, just realised my camera is an MV not MX.

Thanks for the links, I'll have a read of those now.

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I had this same problem with mine. The camera repair place I took it to said it's a common thing with this model. They did repair it perfectly, but they would only do so as part of a complete overhaul which was pricey. Still, it's like a brand new camera now.
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Thanks for the reply.

Hmm... well I have 1 roll of film left so I think I'll go through that and see what happens.
If I have the same problems I think I'll just retire it to the shelf and think about getting another camera/model.
The MV is very basic anyway, besides, it was just a 'freebie' which came with a lense I bought on eBay :lol:
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