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As Rufus T already mention, some of my photo's were accepted. What I plan to do is review all of my better shots at years end and then decide which I'm going to submit. Getting in feels great, but getting reject is tough. What's cool is that they recently asked for consent to use the pictures in the gallery for a screen saver program, not too sure when that will be released. What is also kinda neat is that you get to vote on pictures that are being submitted.

FYI, this is the criteria pentax gallery has provided to the users who vote.

"Also, ask yourself the following questions when considering your vote:

-Can you see this image in a traditional photo gallery or printed publication?
-Does this image elicit an emotional response?
-Is this image original?
-Does this image offer a personal perspective of the subject and display the unique vision of the photographer?
-Would this photo stop you if it were hanging in a gallery?"

best of luck on the submissions,

my photos in the gallery.
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Wow! These are all really nice. My photos can't begin to compare with the ones you have all won with! You are an inspiration to me to try harder.

I may sign up just to see what gets submitted and vote. And, maybe I'll get the courage to submit something eventually. I did just win honorable mention with a local photo contest.

Thanks for starting this thread.

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snostorm wrote:
Dal1970 wrote:

This may be a daft question, but where do you sign up to submit pics to this gallery?

Hi Dal,

Go to the Photo Gallery:


move your mouse over "Site Tools", and click on the "Contact Us" that drops down. You'll have to supply name and email addy, and they'll send you an invitation.


Thanks Scott

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Old Feb 15, 2008, 1:31 PM   #24
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As mentioned earlier, I've gotten a few in -

Here are the 3 that have made it in - link the set on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisca...7603876997207/




Here is a link to the set of shots I've submitted that didn't make it in...

And here is my shameless plug @ PPG

What I haven't figured out is why picture loading is so slow on the site - they only allow 600pix high shots - the file sizes aren't that big....

Keep posting pictures - make sure to use the guidelines they provide - be a little self critical, but not overly... don't post your snapshots unless you really think there is something special about it, and don't get discouraged when it is declined - its bound to happen... makes the ones that get in all that more special

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Well its offical, I did not get selected.
I will try again next time.
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