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bilybianca wrote:
Been reading more on the other forum. Can't see either why people who are so dissappointed put so much energy into bashing a camera they haven't seen or even intended to buy. And what's the point and fun in spending hours on a negative forum feeling lousy with all the others?

If there is any substance in their ranting there will be a lot of fine lenses for us on ebay within days! Maybe I'll get both an F*300 f4.5 and an A*200 f4 Macro for a nickle and a dime.

A lot of them complain about the K20D being just a K10D Super. As I said in the other thread, I see K10D as a Beta version and the K20D as the final product.

So we'll just go on as a happy little crowd here on our friendly little forum.:blah:Thanks all for being such a nice and positive bunch of people!

Guilty as charged with the K10D Super comment. This was made due tot he K100D being given Super status.

However, having read you comment above, I think the beta to final version may be right.

Now I am a beta tester!!!


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Robert Barnett wrote:
Ok, folks I am starting to get worried here. With talk of the money back from the US government to get the economy going and the $300.00 per child and all I feel I need to say this. That $300 for each child does not mean if you get the wife or girlfriend drunk and have quadruplets that you get a free Pentax K20D as a babies shower gift! I see a new baby boomer generation coming!

I am not sure which economy are they talking about: US, Japan or Vietnam?:-)
After $1199 for the body there will be only one buck left for something domestic like...beer:-)
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