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I'm looking for a new bag. My Lowepro A100 sling bag is too small to hold my Tamron 70-300 lens which I find myself carrying all the time. I had started carrying two bags. The lowepro and my Pentax squarish shoulder bag that came with my camera. But, now the strap on that broke. Which is actually making me think twice about the Pentax sling bag. I've always had Lowepro's and never had a strap break.

I really like the mechanics of the sling bag as opposed to a backpack type bag. have looked at the Crumpler six million, but think I'd need the seven million now.

Does anyone with either the Pentax sling bag or the A200 know if I could carry the K100D, 50-200, 70-300, smaller of Pentax flashes (can't remember the number right now), spare batteries, filters, screen viewer (Hoodpro or something, small loupe for viewing on the screen), etc? Could I fit another lens, maybe the 18-55, too? I pretty much find myself carrying the kit and 70-300 right now, but sometimes want the others.

If I remember right, the measurements of the Lowepro show it's larger than the Pentax. But, the compartments seem to be different.

Any input appreciated. My aunt wants to get it for my birthday and I can't tell her which one to get until I decide.

Thanks, Patty

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Patty, I don't have any experience with sling bags, but I was motivated to order one because of some back issues I had with my Lowepro Nova 5. I ordered a Tamrac Velocity 9 today because of its ability to carry a camera with a long lens attached to it, while still having some room for other lenses and accessories.

After looking at the Lowepro sling cases, I was much more impressed with the Tamrac.

If I get it in in the next few days, I'll report to you on my impressions.

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Old Jul 2, 2008, 8:51 PM   #3
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patty -

i have the pentax sling bag. i believe you can fit all that you mentioned and more in the sling bag. in this photo of the sling bag i have:

ist*dl with 70-300 mounted, two filters with cases, 4 aa batteries in the middle compartment - still a little bit of room for cables or something small

da 18-55 and tamron 28-200 in the lower compartment - still room for maybe a small lens like a 50mm or more filters or small accessories

af-360fgz flash and 4 aa batteries in upper compartment - still room for something small

still have pockets in the inside of the sling bag to hold sd cards or more batteries. the pocket on the outside can hold more batteries or accessories.

i was surprised that this small bag could hold so much gear.
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Old Jul 2, 2008, 10:20 PM   #4
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I love my A200 - carry it every day and walk all over at lunch with it. I've had it for a year (maybe more? Don't remember when I bought it) and now the shoulder strap's padding is getting a bit compressed, but there's no sign of any fraying or weakening of it.

I routinely carry the bigger 540 flash in the top, along with a couple of other items (a small pad of paper, a plastic bag with a coffee filter and a white piece of paper, a number of small pieces of mylar) and can fit in two boxes of contacts or a small baggie of cashews also. It's also big enough for a K100 without a lens mounted, or with the kit lens mounted but it's tight and has to sit at an angle. In the main section I routinely carry the A*300, and Vivitar Series One 105 macro in the top section, the DA*50-135 mounted on the K20 in the middle and the DA 12-24 with a Giotto rocket blower in the bottom. There's a couple of extra cards in the pocket on the side/top - the part that unzips for access. There's also a front pocket that has a 77mm circular polarizer, the step-up rings I have for it, a spare set of batteries for the K100 (or flash if needed), the mini-card reader that came with my SDHC card, and often my drivers licence.

As you can see from my list, my lenses aren't small lenses and I carry 4 along with a flash, or 5 and two cameras (no flash). I think it weighs something like 12 lbs, maybe more. I don't have any trouble with the cross shoulder design, but think that some women might. I'm quite small and most of the weight tends to rest on my rear end, allowing me to carry more weight than someone much taller might with the weight resting completely ontheir shoulder/back. I sometimes wish I had room for both cameras and the flash, and once in a while think about buying a bigger bag before coming to my senses and realizing that my small frame can absolutely NOT handle any more weight, especially since I have arthritis!

I would recommend checking out the A200 at a camera store before you buy one, if you can.
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Thanks for the info everyone. Any more input floating out there still welcome.

I think I could go see the A200, but don't know of any place I could look at the Pentax one. Your photo, ishino, was very helpful. Seeing measurements is one thing. But, seeing the bag with the stuff in it helps a lot.

I currently have the A100, Harriet. Haven't had too much of a problem. Of course, I don't look very pretty with it on. But, I don't with it off either so.........

Paul, I had originally looked at the Tamrac two years ago and decided on the Lowepro instead. I think I would have needed the 7 (or was it 9) and it was just going to be too big to pull around.

Oh, another question. The A100 has no strap except the buckle clips on the top right side (zipper side) to lift it with. Is the A200 designed the same way? Does the Pentax have a better way of picking it up from that side. I tend to have it sitting on my seat in my car so I can partially open that zippered side and pull the camera out and am always struggling with how to grasp the bag when ready to pick it up. I can see it having more lenses in it making that worse.

Thanks again, Patty
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Old Jul 3, 2008, 7:58 AM   #6
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I just went through the same decision process and went with the slingshot 200 because I previously used a lowepro rezo aw and loved the quality (bag looks like brand new two years later). I looked at the Pentax but ultimately I wanted the AW because it saved my gearin Hawaii last year.

It sounds like we have similar kits and, thanks to your post,I'm relieved I didn't buy the AW100.

In my AW200 I have a GX10(Samsung's version of the K10d), a Tamron 70-300 (it will comfortably fit camera with the lens attached),SMC f 70-210 (my latest bargain at $50 inmint condition), 360 flash with diffuser, SMC A 50mm 1.4, 18-55mm, extra battery and charger, extra lens caps, cp filter in it's case, extra AA batteries for flash,two memory cards in cases,wireless remote and there's plenty of room for more. Keep in mind too that this has three places to mount sliplock attachments so you could add more cases for lenes or a flash.

I did swap out a divider from my Rezo because it was a little shorter than the ones included with the AW200. The Rezo divider will fold about halfway down so I can fold the flash over the 50mm to save some room.

I'll be taking it to the Bahamas next week so I'm not sure how bad it will be ergonomically to carry it around for a week.

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Old Jul 3, 2008, 9:38 PM   #7
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The Pentax Sling Bag isn't Waterproof so be carefull, I found out the hard way.
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Old Jul 4, 2008, 12:14 AM   #8
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Among my several different sized bags, I have the a200.

I can fit the K10D with grip attached and the Sigma 70-300mm mounted on it. This leaves me with 5 spaces for various lenses - 50-200, 17-55, 100mm macro, 50mm etc.

The top comparment can take the Sigma 500 super flash (big gun) and the 2 spare batteries, leaving the font pouch for assorted bits. I can also fit a leg of my gorrila pod in the outside loop, so I have a small tripod with me.

If I am only taking a couple of lenses, then the flash goes in the main compartment and the top is used for brochres, travel guides etc.

The bag has an extra strap which clips on the right hand side, and once attached stops the bag shifting while walking, and makes it more of a back pack.

This bag comes out with me more than the other bags - it is also rather flat on your bag, so you are not constantly bumping people when you turn around.

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Old Jul 4, 2008, 9:15 AM   #9
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Thanks for more input. Reading the new posts, from Fl_Gulfer about the Pentax not being waterproof is a biggie. I had put my A100 under the seat in front of me on a plane trip. When we landed about 4 hours later I pulled my bag out to find it soaked. The person in front of me's daughter had opened a full water bottle and it fell upside down and dripped all over my bag for the four hours. Luckily, nothing inside got wet. I was amazed! I did not have the waterproof cover on. Why would I need it on a plane? I think what saved it was the bag had turned upside down and was sitting with the "back" side up. It did take two days to dry out the bag. I took the camera and stuff out as soon as I could to keep moisture out of it. But, it managed to be fairly dry inside.

Jerkules, I think you will find it to be very comfortable. At least if it fits like the A100. The only problem I've ever had with it is trying to grab it from the side with nothing to grab but the clip straps. Maybe the larger one will lie flatter and not be so rounded as the A100 is when I pack it to roll away from me.

I don't plan on carrying a ton of lenses in it. Just want something that I can fit the camera with the 70-300 on in. Because of back problems I'll try to stick to my two lens pack, but the larger bag will also give me more room for wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.

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Old Jul 4, 2008, 9:24 AM   #10
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Hi Patty

I went for the Lowepro Flipside 300 which is a backpack style but lies flat or stands upright. Picked it as it can accommodate the DS or K20D with Bigma attached. Still some room for smaller lenses, accessories and Monopod holder.


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