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My wife tells me that all the time so I am more than Aware of my inherited preponderance of stupification....Federal brand long rifle. I just checked as I still have some in the bedroom. Sting a dog but kill a rat from 10-15 paces. Heck on snakes too!! Used a model 36 Marlin .22 lever action! My Marlin .444 Marlin lever action left too big a holes!!!! They aren't worth much out of a pistol (.22 rat shot)but out of a rifle they pack a little more punch.

The CCI shot is #12 size (dust shot they used to call it) and is incapsulated.
The Federal shot is #10 size, slightly larger, and is just loaded on an over-
powder wad and the case crimped.

Note the lenegth of the cases: (the CCI case = the .22 stinger case) and the
unfolded Federal crimped case is about the size of a .22 round. Some guns
might have problems ejecting the empties.

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You need to borrow my .22 cal S&W single shot air rifle. Lever action 10 pumps will put a Crossman pellet almost through a 1" pine board at 20 feet. Takes 4 pumps to get the pellet down the barrel - sucker weights 14 lbs. In 2002, I showed "the boy" and wife that I still could shoot, got a rat at 50 feet first shot - had not shot that thing in nearly 20 years.(iron sights too - such as they are) You could borrow my .22 cal Crossman pistol too, although the valve leaks pretty bad now. (O ring is more of a C ring)

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what some will do for a booty call

at least he wont have to hear :P
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