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A graphic reminder that every person is still a real person no matter how sick (in this case), poor, destitute or whatever else seems to make us feel they aren't asvaluable as the onewearing the Armani suit, sporting the pro uniform or rendered on the big screen. Thank you for the post.

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This example of photojournalism at its best just goes to show the power of still images and great story telling. Once you allow the impact of the story/images to work its way through your mind - it is possible to discuss general aspects of this series.
  1. Photojournalism is more than just going out and shooting local sports, accidents, events and such. Photojournalism involves the telling of compelling and sometimes disturbing stories. Photo is the prefix to journalism in the term and it is the journalism part, the human interaction part that is the hardest thing to work on. [/*]
  2. The photojournalist - becomes a part of the story. It is reasonably obvious that this particular person spent a long time with the family and became so embedded with them, that the family did not see the photographer part of the equationas an intrusion. I would imagine that some of these images were very difficult to take but the story needed them to be complete. [/*]
  3. To emphasis the time issue - this story took a huge commitment from both the family and the photojournalist - and from the photojournalists employer. I can only speculate on the emotional cost. [/*]
  4. The use of black and white for the entire story. I think this just goes to show that B&W will never die. The emotional impact of B&W images is very important to this story because it gives a "other worldly" effect. It is as if to imply that color would detract from the story.
All that being said - here are some other things to consider - photographically. Yes, I am getting out my soap box.
  • Does anyone really care about what brand of camera/lens the photojournalist used? [/*]
  • Does anyone really care if this was digital or film? [/*]
  • Note - there is no flash [/*]
  • Note - these images have a high amount of noise/grain. Also note that it does not matter - the "texture" enhances the impact of the images.[/*]
All in all - this is a very gut wrenching story. Very well done and it deserves the prize. I have had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with a few photojournalists of this caliber. While they sometimes come off as a little on theprima-donna side, once they get comfortable talking to you, it becomes obvious that they are really good people who are dedicated to telling the true stories behind the images.

That is what this stuff is all about - compelling images combined with compelling stories that must be told.

It is all about the images, their content and context.

Now - go find your kids, significant others, friends etc. Hug them, until they ask what is wrong. Then hug them for me too.

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As others have said, a compelling series of pictures. Can't add more to the discussion, other than thanks for posting it.
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