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Hi all,

I found one of these used, for $25, so I bought it on a whim. They are still apparently available new for @ $79:


It came with 49,52, and 55mm adapters, a pc to mini plug coiled cord, and a hot shoe to pc adapter. It uses 2 AA batteries, and has a switch in front to change between manual and auto-thyristor modes.

The one I got is a little quirky in operation, not firing on every shot, but I don't have the manual, so I might be doing something wrong. . . It does recharge pretty quickly between shots though. The wierd thing is that when I first looked at it, it worked perfectly -- must be Gremlins!:-):?

When it does work, it's pretty good. I had to stop down more than the table on the back seems to indicate, but that's okay with me -- the working aperture range for the K10 at ISO 100 seems to be from f11-f20, with lighter colored subjects needing the smaller aperture.

These were shot with K10, D-FA 100 Macro, and the F 1.7x AFA. I was trying the TC with the macro, trying to get a little more working distance for 1:1.

Since there were no interesting creatures around, I just picked a few things to try it out with.

This little frog charm is about 17mm long, and fills the frame, so it looks like the 1.7x gives me about 1.4:1, or a little better.

Here's my beat up '92-'93 ECHL Championship ring. I just plopped it down on a paper napkin and took the shot from about a 45 deg angle above it from about 2 1/2 ft away at f5.6 (the flash is supposed to be good for up to a little over 3 ft., and I'd say this is pretty accurate)

The light is pretty diffused -- look at the shadow to the left of the ring --

There's only one tube, so I'm thinking that I can make a little black plastic piece to clip to block one side or the other if I want more directional light.

Bottom line, it's very light, works well (when it works), and is considerably easier and a lot less cumbersome than what I had been using (flash bracket with 360 FGZand a bounce card and diffuser). I'm even thinking about buying a new one, knowing that I can return it if it doesn't work anymore consistentlythan this one. . .


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Cool pictures! I like the Toledo Storm ring expecially (did you really play for them in the '90's? Cool!).
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i sold mine not too long ago. i just didn't use it.. one question tho. why is the top of the ring in shadow?? it should be well lit..

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Looks the same as my one, which I think was badged either Vivtar or Starblitz.

I find that it can be hot or miss regardless of how it is set up. Usually find the second shot is the right one, but it is simple to set up and use.

I tried masking one side with a piece of card and it seems to give nice shadows, but haven't tested that aspect in the field yet.

What I did find, though, is the butterflies eyes tended to either whiten completely or hace little rings in them. Also, put on a 100mm macro lens, the flash doesn't always have the power to illuminate. I found it works best on the kit lens, which lets you get a bit closer.

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