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There's always talk about post processing pictures and what you can and can't do. I thought this was an interesting comparison between before and after. If you aren't familiar with California geography, this picture probably doesn't look like all that much. However, it's interesting in a number of ways.

It was taken with the K20 and the A*300. The picture is pretty much full frame, since I can't seem to hold a camera straight, I had to rotate it a bit and lost some due to the rotation.

It's a picture of the Sierra Nevada mountains, I took it in January. You can see the snow on the tops of the Sierras, the snow level was pretty high. You can also see some detail on the mountainside below the snow level. The white at the bottom of the picture is fog - I took this picture while standing on the top of Mt. Pinos, the highest spot in Los Padres National Forest. The fog is covering the San Joaquin Valley - I'm looking across it to a range of mountains over 100 miles away!

I used the raw file, changed the exposure and tone curve, then converted to b&w in Lightroom. I then resized, changed the levels a bit more in Photoshop and added sharpening. I didn't mind the grainy look since I had converted to b&w.

Here's the untouched jpg file (well, I did rotate this one, too), all I did was resize it in CS4. I wanted to give some people an idea of how much difference a little post processing can make to a picture. I don't think I spent more than about 10 minutes playing with it. Besides, it shows just what an awesome lens the A*300 really is (it's still one of my two favorite lenses).
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Stunning result Harriet,

it's always incredible what you sometimes can get out of a raw image.

Great work


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come on ..... really ...... your not joking .... WOW !!!


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You done good Girl!
Glad to know I'm not the only one that's cockeyed.:G
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Thanks for showing this, Harriet. I'm never impressed of the note "no pp, right out of camera" since there is always a lot of processing done. If not by yourself, by the engineers in the Pentax design team. What hits the sensor is electromagnetic waves, the rest ispp. And you really show the advantage of taking responsibility of it yourself, instead of leaving it to the engineers. But to get your results takes some skill and practice.

If you ever get bored of that A*300mm, you know where to drop it off.

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i agree completly, my k20d is set to RAW and thats where its staying

i have as much fun doing the PP as i do taking the shots, it reminds me somewhat of when i used to develope my own 35mm B&W photos, its all about the little tweaks (or big ones) and seeing the photo develope in front of your eyes
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I never did my own film developing but have had a great time with Photoshop. This is the second time I've taken a picture from the same location, but the other one was either taken with the FZ30 or the DS several years ago. It wasn't half as good as this one turned out - I'm always surprised by the quality from the K20.
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