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ishino wrote:
how about this one as an example? didn't take it with a pentax though...

It certainly looks like double exposure in film days. You have a good one there.

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This isn't one of my better pictures, but I think it fits into this category. I took it at the Pima Space and Air Museum in December. It looks like this helecopter got squished, or goes in an odd direction or something...

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a200user wrote:
Do these "lugs" appear to be protrusions or indentations?

They're all up, no down, no up, down, some up and some down - oh b*gger, I don't know.

Note, I can't spell protrusions!!!

Neat illusion, what was real fun was trying to make them change while looking at them. BYW can anyone recommend an eye doctor as mine are hurting ...
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a200user, I had a fin time with yours forcing myself to see them both ways. My first reaction was to see them as indentations, so I looked for a way to force the other perspective. I found that if you stare at the center of an indentation for a few seconds, it becomes a protrusion. Getting back was tricky! I finally found that if you look at the bottom picture, even very briefly, things go back to normal. Try it everybody!
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TDN, Keithw, David

Glad you're having fun with the manhole cover. I had no idea the close up would be an illusion. I took these last summer as part of a monthly challenge - something to do with trying to guess what theclose up is. When I posted it I saw the lugs as sticking out and couldn't get my eye to see them they way they'resupposed to be.
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