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Some of my K100D photos lack punch (for lack of a better word). Like those taken on an overcast day. I read a tutorial that suggests using PS and changing the mode from RGB Color to Lab Color. And then making some simple curves adjustments, followed by changing the mode back to RGB Color. Hereare some screen shots of the process.

1. Change mode to Lab Color

2. From the Image menu select Adjustments, Curves

3. In Lab Color there are three channels - Lightness, a, and b. Make the adjustments in the a and b channels only.

4. In both the a and b channel, simply drag the top right and bottom left ends of the curve horizonatally in to somewhere between 95 and 105 for the top right and -95 to -105 for the bottom left. This screen shot shows thea channel adjustment.

Below shows the same b channel adjustment.

5. Click OK.

6. Set the mode back to RGB Color.

I do this after making any needed Levels adjustment in RGB Color mode.

It does seem to punch up my dull photos, however if there is a lot of red or orange in the scene it seems to oversaturate.

The whole process is a little tedious, so I recorded it to the actions pallet to make it a one click process.

Just wondering what techniques you other Pentaxians might be using? And I mean software techniques, I don't have the budget to buy a K20D right now.


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Hi, Jim! I'mhappy to read your experience!Surely will give it a try : ) The patient pentaxians will remember the methods I tried and shared here :-)

Now, my present work flow starts almost alwaysshooting in raw! Then I convert them at Photoshop using the folowing settings as default! : Luminance yellow:+11 Green+11 / Saturation yellow:+18 green:+40 Exposure: +0.15... and have been quite pleased about thevividandlifelike colours so far!



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Hi Jim,

That's what I did in the thread below, you can add to do the any sharpening in the lightness channel while you're in LAB colour mode, since it has no impact on the colour. It's a useful technique. ... Jack

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very good to know!
thanks guys!

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thanks but i've had an action written for this for a couple of years. it stops on the last phase to give you a chance to adjust opacity. i also posted it here but i didn't get much of a response.
i find that it's really only good for a few images. USM and burning in usually does a much better job.

roysphoto @ Gmail.com
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