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My priority is to attain thebest possiblecomposition, dear mate ( art for art's sake :-)!)ThereforeIwouldn't attribute any ethical judgement to cropping,exceptaesthetical ones! However,I must also say, usually pondering wellbefore shooting, I usually suffice with a slight trimming andseldomlycrop considerably afterwards in front of the screen : )
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brokenbokeh wrote:
I'll use Trojansoc's line here:
"When shooting small birds, distance often forces me into a high crop ratio."
So then, why shoot the birds, when, if your subject is the bird, it winds up being a blurry, unusable mess?
My comment seems to have bothered you greatly, especially since you felt compelled to insert an oblique sarcastic reference in a post on another thread.

There are a couple of reasons that photos might be posted when they are less than the perfection you set as yourstandard. The bird may be one that the photographer has never shot before, and he's proud just to get any shot of it. There have certainly been shots that I have taken that fit that category. It may also be the best shot that photographer has achieved of that bird and he wants to share it. You show an example of a squirrel that was heavily cropped. If that were the first time I had ever shot a squirrel in the wild, I'd be proud of the shot and want to highlight whatever detail I had by cropping to the core of the subject, even if the results weren't great.

JohnG made the statement that most of us in this forum are hobbyists, and not photographic professionals. I learn far more about how to make my photos better by looking at less than perfect shots posted here, and reading the interchange among posters, than I do when I study the "perfect" photos in the pages of National Geographic. I truly enjoy sports shooting,but I now know just how much more I need to do before I get to the level I want to be. Much of what I know about sports shooting has come from JohnG's precise and on-target comments on my mistakes. My shots have a long way to go, but they are better than they once were.

I became serious about photography less than a year ago. At first, I was happy just for my photos to be recognizable asbirds. Today, my bar is higher, and I hope it continues to go up. This thread is about crop percentage, and I think one of the measures of improvement I have seen in my photos is the steady decrease in the amount I crop.

This forum is not a juried exhibition. It's a collection of people of varying abilities and skills, all of whom are trying to get better. Otherwise, they'd simply be happy with their blurry squirrel.

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Paul, I apologize if I've offended you, but I believe my comments are being misinterpreted. I am not in the least bit bothered by your comment at all - in fact, I seized upon it because I tend to do the very same thing. Afterwards, I look at those shots I've taken and think, "Why did I even bother?" But we are, perhaps, looking for different things out of our photos at times.

Your statement, "I think one of the measures of improvement I have seen in my photos is the steady decrease in the amount I crop." is actually akin to what I have been aiming for myself. My better shots are the ones I crop the least. This topic has been an exploration on the sentiments regarding this phenomenon.

As for your statement, "...you felt compelled to insert an oblique sarcastic reference in a post on another thread," you have me at a loss... Quickly looking thru my posting history, I see where I made a comment regarding the K20D's noise handling in your topic "K20d First Photos", expressed my enjoyment of your photo in the "April Monthly Challenge", and also comments I made expressing my appreciation of your willingness to use ISO 1600 and nicely capture the action of hummingbirds in your thread "Ruby-Throated Hummingbird". So, I am perplexed...

- BB
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