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interested_observer wrote:
Ok - one more time - the images were 100 bytes over the limit and the board tossed everything including the text.

It's Monsoon season here, which brings clouds during the full moon - an photo opportunity. So what is the best technique to take images where one primary area does not oversaturate the rest of the image?

On the cloud image - not having the moon burn through, and on the tree image not having the trunk over saturate and trying to get the finer detail in the branch structure.

Both of these are hand held with SR on - in fully automatic - the exif information should be available, I need to get a remote shutter release and start using the tripod that is setting over in the corner.

They were both at 800 at around f 5.6 (I think). Considering to moving to the tripod, using a speed of 200 and going to f16 to get a better depth of field, and letting the camera figure out the exposure time.

Suggestions most welcome!
On an image like this ( and I shoot post literal sunset a lot... its funny how much that can vary depenting on the contrast ratio of your shot..... maybe after affect... maybe not could be bright or subtle.

And why I love the P mode /AV on one wheel and /EV on the other combo on the 10D..... between the two I can pretty much compensate for ANYTHING in SECONDS and never take my eye of the VF.

With a LOT of flexability as well.

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