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My Boss is not quite So easy going about my camera Hobby. Usually it takes a Large Jewelery purchase to Clear the way. And i can tell You right now that just not in the cards. So I fear my Woes will fall On deaf ears We will see today after I try Cleaning it again


rhermans wrote:
Phil, My BOSS even suggested that I got the K20D when I send my K10D in for repairs. She probably didn't want me looking to unhappy .

Wow Glenn, only 3 times, don't even know how much I cleaned it, but around once every two months is about correct.

Got a dust blower, but never found it to work to satisfaction, so I've been using an artic butterfly for more that a year and have been really happy with it.

Only thing I found was that when using it, to use freshly loaded or new batteries.

Still don't want to use any liquid, but that is more because the shop where I bought will clean the sensor for 20€ and I find that better for my stress level.
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nhmom wrote:

One more person to have upgraded, I'm one step closer to convincing my hubbie I need to. :G

Patty, you just go ahead and get the 20D. Tell hubby I said it was OK.

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Well, maybe if I bought my BOSS (he thinks he is, but I know better), a GPS for his car or something I could get it. Or, he might just bend to my telling him that you said so, Goldwinger. But, somehow I suspect he's not ready to go for it. Maybe after I finish my focus testing and see what my options to repair are. I'm not even sure I'm doing it right.

I tried looking at my sensor last night for the first time in nearly two years. If I was doing it right, it looks okay. At least to the my naked, blind eyes. Please keep us posted on your findings Phil. I'm curious to what you find.

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Hi Phil - I have had very good results using a cleaning kit from Micro-tools. I'm not trying to promote them, just that I have had good results with there method.


Here is a free guide to cleaning sensors that is posted on the Micro-Tools site. It has some good information.


One thing I found is the best (easiest)way to find spots on the sensor, is take the kit lens and set it to the smallest aperture ( I think it's f42 or something like that). Take a picture of the blue sky and the spots just pop out if they are there. You can clean the sensor and try it again until you get it. Everyone seems to have there favorite way of doing it though- Bruce
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