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Except for an all day sports events I shoot RAW all teh time.

Raw Shooter essentials (the last version) is my current favourite, as I own a DS.

Camera RAW in CS2 somtimes gets a run but I am famialoir with Raw Shooter so I stick to it, at the moment.

I do basic colour and some exposure settings before putting the TIFF output file through Noise Ninja.

Then sharpening and final cropping and exposure tweaks, if required.

Generally using the histogram in RSE gets exposure pretty close for most shots.


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Thanks for the extra comments. I'm hoping to play around with it all a little more tonight.

Ira, if you find a laptop I'd be interested. Mine is a 1 GHz, USB1 and 512MB memory. So, I know where you're coming from. I can barely use it for processing photos in PSE5. Trying to work in Raw would be impossible with it. So, I use our desktop.

beachboy2, if you could get your hands on a copy of PSE5 you'd be amazed at the tools it has that 3 doesn't. Should be fairly cheap with 6 out now.

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I'm thinking of switching to Mac when my laptop dies (it's been repaired a couple of times). If I stuck with PC I'd probably have to buy CS3 anyway, so why not switch? I'd also have to buy Office, but the academic version isn't too expensive.
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Old Dec 18, 2007, 9:48 AM   #14
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I am using a Macbook with maxed out memory and it works great for processiog photos. It will still run all Windows programs if you want, although mine is just Mac programs.

I tried a Macbook Pro, which was faster, but also larger, so I stuck with the Macbook.

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Old Dec 18, 2007, 1:09 PM   #15
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ACDSee Pro v2 looks quite good with lots of 'bells & whistles' to tweak - also has a pretty good batch process mode.
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All of a sudden my week off (nights) has been filled. So, I'll mark these tips and have to check them out over the weekend.

I did stop and take some new photos tonight at the rest home. Was going to try the shot from in front of the tree instead, but there's two feet of snow with ice packed on top. So just dared to go down the semi-shoveled walkway a little farther and shot from there. Haven't had a chance to download yet to see how they came out. I did get stopped by a worker who wanted to know why I was taking photos of their building. She thought I worked for the newspaper. I couldn't figure out if she was wanting to know which paper to watch or to take my camera from me:O
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i started toshoot raw recently, but i prefer to covert my pics to jpegon the camera rather on the computer, for some reason i just do not like the program that came with the camera, if i need any further editing i will use the canon program which is very simple, easy, fast ,and is a breeze to use. even when i had a konica minolta D5 well they program was the worst, hope they shot that guy who made it 9Just kidding ) but it was easier to pull out your hair.

sometimes i wonder if it makes any sence to shoot raw over jpeg cause it could be me but on the monitor i cant see the difference
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