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Monza76 wrote:
My main camera is Pentax's second DSLR, the *istDS. The only limitation I have found any frustration with (other than some of my lenses) is the speed and accuracy of the AF system. A DS with better AF would be all I would require.

BTW Daniel, I have a 100-300mm f4.5-5.6 AF lens but I have found that, when the distance is not too great, my M 200mm f4 gets me much better bird pictures since it does not hunt for focus (being MF of course) if I let the bird drift out of the AF sensor. And stopped down to f5.6 it is much sharper than the zoom.


A bit off topic. AF even for the super fast FA135mm2.8 won't work for BIF shots. Well the lens is fast but still needs one hunt. And that is the end of story for birds in flight.
For MF, you can set distance roughly say 30-60 ft for your 200mm.
But the last fine tuning/focusing within 1-2 second after you have the bird in your viewfinder is what takes skill/practice. I am pretty confident with track focusing bird in flight like seagull or larger. No break through on smaller birds though.

Daniel, Toronto
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