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These are the Samsung Specs..Not the Pentax.


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I'm new here
I'm norwegian, so I'd like to chime in with some background info about pricing.

The suggested price is 9.995 nkr.
The initial price of K10D was 8.995 nkr.
This means that the new Samsung will be about 10% above initial price of K10D.

So I think 999 USD is a better estimate.

We also need to remember that this is not the actual K20D (or whatever the name is). It is another camera. Some of the NDA folks are now hinting that we might expect domething differet from the K10D followup. The context of the hint suggests higher ISO.

Make your own conclusions


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benjikan wrote: Really? Tell us more then...:blah:
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$1,800 is the same price as a D300 and Pentax has always undercut Nikon such as the D200 with about the same features on the K10D. I don't think they can sell enough of them at anything over $1,400 to make it worth their while to make the K20D unless it has some amazing features no one else has.

Nikon and Canon diehards will not switch to Pentax in great numbers, so they have to count on the Pentax faithful like us to make a buck and most of us can't afford to pay that kind of money for a DSLR.

They have to come in somewhere around $1,200 to make it work.

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For many of us switching brands is not really an option.. I myself have 3 Pentax bodies, 19 Lenses, spare batteries, external flash, Battery Grip all for Pentax....Even if I sold everything, I would end up with far less going to Nikon or Canon...But thr truth of tha matter is I Love Pentax and I love the fact that I am not like every other person who has a Nikon or a canon....So if it is 1200.00 or 1800.00 bucks, I will be buying one..
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I just got the K10d for Christmas so any camera money I come up with in the near future will be spent on glass. I am excited to see the new body, though, as anything that helps Pentax succeed as a company is good for those of us heavily invested in Pentax gear.

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I'm more interested in the lens situation.

I'm on the verge of buying a Bigma but am holding off till the Jan. 24 announcements just to see if there may be some big suprise in the lens department like a 400 5.6? I'm not really hopeful though.
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This represents a substantial investment on my part (the film bodies aren't even shown here), but I will not be getting into the high end priced cameras. The K10D is now about $700 so a $900 price point would be in my wish list range, but not anything above that.
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ishino wrote:
well a canon 40d runs 1,037 euros (body only) from amazon.eu

a canon 40d runs 1,149 dollars (body only) from amazon.com

not that it really means anything, but maybe $1,800 for us in the usa is a tad off. the usa marketplace will dictate the price and competition from other makers will influence the pricing. i'm still holding onto my $1299 prediction.
You are probably right about that.

Price $1500 with a $300 rebate.......


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