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snostorm wrote:
Hi Kjell,

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing SA through your lenses. . .

Ditto. I am sure they won't be "Boer-ing"! :G
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bilybianca wrote:
Hi all, back again.

I've been looking through all the threads, a lot going on and a lot of good pictures to comment on. Can't do that, it would just take to long so a big WOW to all.

Sorry Daniel, I didn't take my 600 mm since I knew there wouldn't be any time to use it. And for the risk of loosing it. I brought my "travel kit" 16-45 and 70-210. I also brought my FA primes: the 28 2.8, the newly acquired 35 2.0 and the 50 1.4, since I wanted to evaluate them and have the possibility to shoot indoors at different distances. There is a strong possibility I'll keep them all.

Since I always shoot RAW it will take some time to go through the 860 shots, pick the 20-someting that are worth keeping and PP them.

Just a quickie to make you a bit envious:

We rent a house in Port St John's. This is my view from the bedroom window. Cloudy, FA 35 mm @ f13 1/60 ISO 400

Oh man. That is disgustingly beautiful.
Your FA35mm super sharp.
I now have a zoom that has 35mm . I should try that focal length as it seems exactly what a normal FOV is.
I can see that there are a couple of birds behind the bushes that nobody can name in N Am/Europe!!!

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penolta wrote:
Ditto. I am sure they won't be "Boer-ing"! :G
*Groan* :-).

Welcome back Kjell, looking forward to more pictures. Only 860 shots? If you had told us you needed to borrow some SD cards, we would have loaned you some!

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Wonderful scenery - what a view! Can't wait to see the rest of them, Kjell.
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