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Chewy wrote:
I tell you, those were the good ol' days, using our K1000 and b/w film to snap photos of fellow classmates and then developing them in the school's dark room.
naw,,,, these are the good old days.. like i miss all the washing and waiting.. etc.

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mgedit wrote:
I'm always amazed that many people do not recognize the Pentax brand name in cameras. I guess I'm old enough to remember when Pentax was one of the most desirableSLR cameras.So it got me to thinking about the range of ages of the poeple on this list. I expect there is a fairly good representation across the board, but who's willing to fess up to their "experience"?

I'm 56 ...

Cheers, Mike
I am 64 years young.

I bought my first camera in August of 2005 and started taking wildlife photos in January of 2006.

FZ 30, Nikon TCE17, QuikAim Max RDS, Zeiss Digiscope/Sony W7, Pentax K10D

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wow !!!!!! i loved reading this tread.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"well in 31 !! never liked camera's or photos at all. till my husband bought me a Pentax optio mx. the year our first baby was born. and i realised that taking photos was fun. plus i scrapbook and the pages just look so much better with a nice photo.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"well now he ( hubby) bought me the k100d. and it just took my picture taking to a whole new level.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"to me there was no debate on getting another Pentax . love the first one soo much and loving the second.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"by the thank you all for all of your help. i read this forum every day and learn something every day so thank you all
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I'm 34, owned a couple of digicams previously. Never really been happy with their preformance. Saw a Pentax *ist DL online, did a little research and couldn't believe the value for the money.

Started with the kit lens, now I'm up to 5 lenses. Thanks to this forum. Now own three primes that are 20+ years old that I totally love, and am so impressed by their sharpness compared to some other zooms.

This is a great place to learn from others.

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Cool Thread. I'm 29 years old, and have been shooting Pentax SLR's since I was 14. I started with a K1000 in a photography class in high school and was hooked. I borrowed a K1000 from a friend several times in the next few years before finally buying a used K1000 at age 16. I was pretty much the only one in my college photography class still shooting Pentax. In 1998 I purchased a Zx-50 and along with my girlfriend at that time began to do more artistic and creative shooting. That summer I also worked at a boy scout camp and was the main photographer for the summer shooting 15 rolls of slide film per week and then producing the Friday night closing slide show usually 15 minutes long, of images of the week. Landscape photography became my main subject as I started traveling more and I enjoyed bringing back photos for my friends and family to enjoy. In March of 2005 I upgraded to the *ist Ds and that was my main camera until December 20th when I finally got my hands on the K10d. I actually for a second considered the Nikon D200 since Pentax wasn't putting out a 10 mp digital and I waned to print out larger photos. But the K10d won out. I have too much glass and I love the Pentax quality, I wanted to stay loyal. I just purchased a *ist DL to give to a friend who has drooled over my digital for the past year or so and since he is a dedicated Father and Husband, he has put his family first. So what better a way to let your friend know how much you appreciate them putting up with you, than force them into a great camera system by giving them a camera. I love Pentax, and hope to continue to be a Pentax photographer. When I pull out my K10d next to my buds with the Nikon D200 they all want to check it out. Those that think Pentax is history have no clue what they are missing. Quality, professionalism, and pride.
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I'm positively ancient. Bought my first Pentax , which was an S1a 35 mm SLR, in 1968. It had 1/500 second top speed, no meter. I used a Sekonic light meter and the reflection of the palm of my hand , to set my lens f-stop and shutter speed.

I worked for a publishing company and they told me I would have to get a good 35 mm SLR that could take pictures for publication.

They suggested a Pentax or a Nikon. Priced them both out and the Pentax was $ 30 cheaper. Paid $ 9 a month on the payment plan at the local Gambles Dept. store, for a year, before that baby was mine.

I didn't have a flash or tripod at first, so I got quite good at taking available light, hand held pictures.

Learned a lot about f stops, shutter speeds, photography in general with that robust Pentax.

Great camera and meter. Both of them still function just fine after almost 40 years.

Wonder how many digital SLRs will be able to function in 2044?

The betting line forms to the left.

I also bought a new Pentax ES (Electro Spotmatic) 11 SLR in 1974. Black, very professional looking. Used 4 batteries. Still works.

When I got married in the early '80's, my wife had her own camera a Pentax K1000, which I have used for nigh on 25 years. Still works.

Notice the pattern? Old Pentax SLRs just seem to keep going and going and going.
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Hi all, I picked up my K10d last Saturday, first SLR I've owned( get ready for lots of rsq's). I still have my A100 Minolta, which has been a really good camera, with just a few troubles in the last 3 or so years of use. I enjoy the posts on this forum, the wealth of knowledge and experience is of hugh benifit to newcomers like me. Thanks to all.
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Very interesting thread!! I'll be 50 in a couple of weeks. First camera was Kodak instamatic that I didn't do too shabby with. Got talked out of getting an slr, while standing on the top of Mt. Evans in Colo., by my aunt. She didn't see any use for one and I was too naive to argue. My first slr was a Chinon CE4 and a Pentax 50mm lens that my husband got me for a gift in 1983. Used that camera, even after it fell down a couple flights of stairs in a stairwell, for a number of years. Also have a 60-300 Tamron with 2x converter. Some good times at the Denver Zoo with that set up! Next was a ZX-5,along with tamron 28-200,then MZ-S, now DS2 that I've had since Dec. '05. Looking forward to gettingthe 10d, hopefully in a few weeks. Thanks for all the good info in this forum. So many interesting postings. Michelle
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I'm 39, and the K100D is my first SLR & my first Pentax. Previous camera was a Fuji s7000. Prior to that, were a couple of Kodak P&S digitals. I bought my first digicam in about 1997, when they took crappy pictures and were overly expensive.

I chose Pentax this time around based on the recommendation of a friend, and the price. A Friend of mine has a *ist D, and after listening to him talk about how good the camera was for the price, and that older lenses were available at reasonable prices, I started looking in to the DL version, but then the K100D came out, and I was sold on the IS. When I started looking, and made up my mind that I was buying an *ist, I started reading this forum. Many of you backed up what my firend had told me, and I learned a lot more for you folks about the Pentax line. So everyone here was a part of my purchase decision, and I owe you all a thank you!

I've picked up a couple of lenses off ebay, plus have the kit lens now. Very happy, just wishing it I had more time to play with it.

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i'd been meaning to bump this for awhile. how did it get bumped without a bump post?? since this has started, i've changed. i'm looking at 55 pretty soon.
come on gals and guys,, fess up..

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