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Quote :--I'm a very young 64. At least I think I am "very" young because my lovely wife keeps telling me to grow up.:-)

I still get that tsquare @ 10+ years on you ... I very often get told to grow up, must be my playful nature I guess. LOL ... Jack :lol:

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I am heading out of town for a couple of weeks, I will try to get some galleries posted when I return. As of now I only have one gallery up at pbase. Appreciate the interest.


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This feels quite odd. Normally I'm of the oldest people (and usually the oldest) in a group, despite being only 55. So it's quite nice to be in the middle!

I don't remember when I got my first camera but I'm guessing in the mid 60s and would have had a variety of simple point and shoot cameras.

I got my first SLR around 73 or 74. If memory serves me correctly it was purchased from this new store called Argos, which was situated in the relatively new shopping mall called The Arndale in Wandsworth. Being a poor, working class lad I bought the Praktica LTL as I couldn't afford what I really wanted - a Pentax. My father also bought one but replaced the standard 50mm with a Pentax 50mm, which is in my box of old camera stuff upstairs.

The Praktica turned out to be a fairly good camera and the acquisition of a 28mm and a 200mm lens gave me the flexibility that I wanted. What's more it lasted about 25 years before the film winder gave up . We were on holiday in France when I found that I had taken lots of exposures all on the 1 frame. Disaster!

By now I wasn't quite as poor as I used to be so I bought a Pentax MZ50 with a Sigma 28-200mm zoom - luxury! And some damn fine photos; even if I say so myself. But after a couple of years or so I succumbed to the digital revolution. My first was a cutting-edge Olympus 2Mp point and shoot. I waas hooked. The SLR rarely saw the light of day. The convenience of digital outweighed the quality of the SLR. When I dropped the 2Mp in London I upgraded to a 4Mp Olympus P&S. And then the cost of dSLRs started to fall and I drooled over them. But did I want a 6Mp dSLR? In my ignorance I decided that there wasn't enough extra Megapixels so I didn't.

I finally decided earlier this year that I wanted a new camera. I started looking at the Fuji 9Mp fixed lens and was on the verge of buying that when I foolishly checked out the Nikon D80. There was no going back and I decided that the D80 was the camera for me ...

,,, until I saw the K10D and decided that I would get that. Except I just couldn't afford it. Boo-Hoo! But then, a miracle. Apparently there was this Samsung that was actually a K10D in disguise; and a lot cheaper. So that's what I bought. Plus a new Sigma 70-300mm zoom.

I am in camera heaven :-)

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I'm 51, and started with a Ricoh SLR that I got from Sears in the early 70's. Then went to Pentax ME and Pentax ME/SE. When digital came out, I used a Canon A20 and a Panasonic Z15 until I deceided I needed a digital SLR. Thought about the old Pentax lenses I already had, so I went for a Pentax DS and now a K100D.
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kashka wrote:
I guess it's my turn..I am 48 (that number still looks unbelieveable!)..and I have loved photography since I was a kid.I remember finding a magazine explaining that foreign language of fstops and aperature and being baffled but made myself grasp some concept of it.I had an old Kodak..can't remember the model..but it was beige color and remembering being disappointed the black and white results didn't turn out like the magazines.When I went to college I saved up for a Practika from the Eaton's catalogue.I felt so important..lol.Then I bought a Pentax SF-1N..and a couple models after.Then had a few Kodak models in the digital age and now am a happy owner of the K100D(where I think I will stop for awhile)..
The Eaton's catalogue...boy, does that bring back memories. Only Canadians would understand that reference...but at one time the T.Eaton company was the largest department store company in Canada.

The cataloque was used by all and featured just about everything. I bought my 1976 Pentax ES 11 (Electronic Spotmatic) with 1.4 50 mm lens from the T.Eaton store in downtown Winnipeg.

At the time, the best price, best service...always guaranteed by Eaton's.

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Well, thought I would check in again since I hit 52 just last week. Having more fun with Pentax equipment now than I did over 25 years ago when I bought my first.

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