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I'm 54. I bought my first SLRin the mid '70's I guess ("if you can rember the 70's, you weren't there"),a new Honeywell Pentax ESII. I'm enough of a maverick to never even consider a N or C. Besides, the black ESII really looked cool. As money got tight for me in the 80's, the camera passed to my dad as colateral for a loan. Hereally liked it and used it for many years. It is still going strong and has now passed to my daughter who used it for her high school photography class last year.

Jumping to the present. Afterowning a few cheap p&s cameras, I decided I really wanted a DSLR.I never even considered anotherbrand. I bought a new *ist DL and love it. Even picked up a few lenses off ebay. Tomorrow, I'm letting my daughter take it for a pre-college digital photography summer course.

I'm really going to miss it for the next 6 weeks.


p.s. does anyone else remember the ESII?

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I'm also in my 50's (53). I had used a number of Kodak Instamatic cameras until this guy I was dating bought me an ME back in 1980. I have no idea why he bought me the camera, because I had not indicated I wanted one, but the CanEx had a special on the ME with 2 lenses, so he bought it for me. I took the time to learn how to use it (my father had owned a Contax camera so I knew there was more to photography than point and shoots), and loved it until about 5 years ago when the film advance quit working. My father, who had liked my ME enough to buy an ME Super, passed all his stuff on to me.

I had borrowed a Nikon F2 from work for a vacation right after the ME was declared unrepairable. I didn't think the pictures it took were any better than the Pentax, so when I finally decided in January to get a dSLR, there was no question which camera I would get (having kept all my old equipment).

I think the boyfriend who bought me the camera regrets it now. We are about to celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary and I'm sure he wishes that he had encouraged me to develop a cheaper hobby!
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I started to involve w Pentax Spotmatic in the year of 1967. It's a birthday present given by my late father after come back from excursion from Japan. This Pentax serve me more than 10 years till I find difficulty to upgrade w newest models and still full fuctioning till now. It's very tough year for Pentax with disappearing from the many shops shelves in my country and forced me to use other model from other brand name for several year. The digital age has come, Pentax realese *ist D series that stuck my eye to come back to Pentax family. This is the camera that full fill almost my requirements for accompany me almost all my time. I can't restrain my desire to buy Pentax*ist DL when the affordable price hit the market.

BTW, I am 48 years now.



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i'm from new orleans and have been into art all my life. i was only an adaquate painter and sketcher. still do a little. i got into photography in the latter 70s (for some reason i can't remember the early 70s), had a B&W darkroom, and wanted to do color but it was just too expensive. started with a screw mount mamiya, went to kx which i still have and after that a MX. i almost went N* because when i was looking for basicly a pro cam the nikon F2 had just came out. i did some real heavy(hehe) comparisons and decided the MX was all i needed. i put photograpy down around '82. i don't know why. '01 comes about and i find photoshop(wow color) and a ricoh 1.3m.. exhausted it and wanted the istD but was far beyond my finances so i got a fuji s7000. still have it and it's a great camera but with my past i knew it would not give me what i wanted. the DS came out and i had 4 M lenses and the rest is history.. just installed cs2 , so away we go.. i simply love the color darkroom.......
i'm 53... oh,,, and a half.... looks like most of us are pushing the over the hill gang..

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I still have all the Pentax SLR's I ever bought, starting with a KX in the 70's. I recently gave my wife a "new " MZ50 to replace her MG and I have another MZ50 body as well as my *istDS.

Pentax were considered good value for money, and once I started acquiring a collection of lenses then it made sense to stay with them. This continued with choice of DSLR.

I shoot a lot of karting action and there is another photographer who I regularly attends the same race meetings with her Nikon. The only obvious differences are those of style as she mainly does weddings and portraiture.

For most of my 53 years I have been a motorsport fan and this has been one of my main subjects. I am currently a mature age Journalism student at the local university so I tend to shot from a reportage angle and regularly get articles and photos published on http://www.kartsportnews.com as well as my own display site http://www.kartpic.com with occaisonal magazine and newspaper success.

Since the purchase of my DS my photography has improved significantly and I am taking a lot more shots, and getting a higher success rate. Most of teh faults or shortcomings of my images are due to me not my Pentax equipment.

I do enjoy the ability to use the vitrual darkroom that does not require the physical dislocation of film processing.

Of course the many years of good sales of Pentax and compatible equipment means there is a ready supply of second hand lenses available at ridiculously cheap prices compared to new N and C items continues to make Pentax very good value for money.

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Hi Bob,

I'm familiar w Pentax ES II w its TV feature. This remind me my old Pentax book written by Herbert Keppler to use as reference to understanding new features like AV, TV and spot metering. I should check its condition on my mother's house.This camera (silver version) is belonging to my brother now. We are Pentax family, still talking old Pentax stuff when we held family gathering.


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Hi All,

I got my 1st camera in Okinawa 1960, it was a twin lens Yashica 635 with the 2x adapters. It is a dual format, 120 and 35mm and it STILL takes very sharp pics. It has a magifying glass in the top of the view finder that you can flip upand really nail the focus. Got my Pentax ME Super inthe 70'sand an array of lenses... which I can still use on my DL.:blahCanon), I even ventured into an Olympus 211 Zoom, it has a built-in Polaroid print generator or printer... whatever:lol:... push a button and it will give you a Polaroid of your picture......... well it looks like a picture:-). I'm crazy about the DL and now I have a bad case of LBA. Like maybe a 80-300. Oh by the way, I'm pushing 70 in a few months.:G
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I'm 24, and I've been using digital when I started to become interested in photography. I have no significant film experience, apart from P&S and disposable cameras. Since my first digital camera, I fell into the "Canon or nothing" belief, so my first 3 digital cameras were all Canons. All these cameras were just your average P&S cameras. I began to experiment with manual control when I got the S1 IS. From that point on, I wanted to get a dSLR, because I yearned for manual control and more flexible optical solutions. Digital Rebels exceeded my budget and didn't feel right with my small hands, so I had to look for other solutions. Nikon's dSLRs felt good, but still were out of my price range.

It was then that I noticed a mention for the Pentax *ist DL in an issue of Popular Photography. I've had a Pentax stigma ever since working at Staples, where I pooh-poohed Pentax digicams for lack of product recognition. However, since the dimensions were about the same as the D50 and much, much cheaper, I decided to take the risk and get the DL. I've had this DL for about a month now, and just got a 28-200mm lens for $45. I'm starting to see the benefit of the K-mount, and I'm quite happy with the picture quality of this camera. Apart from the slightly confusing interface (come on Pentax, let us select an option to edit by pressing the center button instead of right arrow!), Pentax cameras won't be discriminated against by me anymore.
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I feel like such a rookie. I never oned a K1000 and I don't feel like I've got the full experience. My first "real" camera was a ZX-50 and that is what finally attracted me to my DL. I went digital in 2003 with a Canon A80, which was a great camera,but felt the need for more.

Oh yeah, I am 28.
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Old Jun 29, 2006, 3:11 AM   #20
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I am 41 and started my camera journey in primary school with P&S, later I used Pentax in High school for three years and took out the photography award three years in a row.(scratches ones large head)

Went away from it for a while when I was in the army and mainly did video. Though I got dragged back into it for a short time to do some fashion /modelling shots for some up and coming models. I don't know who was more nervous, nothng came of it and I didn't expect it too, but it was fun and I was young and they were gorgeous.

My current job requires that I take lots of pictures everyday and until the other month we were still using Pentax K1000's everyday.

I was using my DL for work purposes and it was working great.

Now we have 6 D200's in the office and it is taking a bit of work to get used to them, but I am still learning everyday.
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