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I'm 40 years old and I never owned an SLR. I have always been interested in photography, but I never made the investment (money or time) in really good equipment.My K100D is my first "serious" camera and I love it. I'm having a great time learning.
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I am a very young 58 :-), who's kind'a new (considering practically everyone else, here) to the SLR experience. The K10D is my second DSLR, within six months, and the first Pentax that I have ever owned. I guess I can sum up my feelings on it by saying how much I really love this camera.

I can remember back when the Pentax name came to mind whenever someone spoke about photography. And, yes, this seems to have faded - in more recent times, because I don't hear that so much anymore (now, it is mainly Canon's and Nikon's that you hear being brought up).

All I know is that my "Pentax" K10D is a very mighty contender, that holds its own VERY well.


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I'm 24. Started to take picture about 5 years ago. Started with a polariod pdc3200, then olympus c-730 (i love this ultrazoom thing) and now just 2 months ago I bought my k100d. I love the lens compatibility of the Pentax brand and the community support is great. Esp Here.
Still have a lot of learn about SLR and photography!
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I'm 47, and still have to read it more than once to believe that it's me.

I don't know when I didn't have some kind of camera, but I it was a Panasonic FZ5 that gave me the feeling that this could be more than just something to snap some pictures on vacations.

Got my k10d two weeks ago, with some lenses and ... and I'm just one real happy camper. - Ronny
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I'm 20, This is my first SLR but have been shooting digital for about 5 years. Just got seriously interested about a year ago. I honestly don't remember when Pentax was one of the most desirable and have never shot with a K1000. As far back as I can remember C & N have been dominating the market and didn't really realize Pentax was anywhere near them until I got offered my *istDL and started doing some research.
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I am 55, and to paraphrase an earlier post:
Started when I was about 12 - (early 60's) our first trip to Yellowstone (been there 8 times total). Used one roll of 620 film in my mother's Kodak Brownie box camera (circa mid 1930's) (yes it is still hanging around I do not have it in my hands - but it will be).

My father was an amateur photographer in his youth - built his own dark room, enlarger etc. using a 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 twins lens reflex (camera is gone). After the trip to Yellowstone I started on the "addiction". My money from my first paying job at age 16, bought a Petri range finder 35mm (still have it - broken but still have it). My cousin bought a Pentax Spotmatic (first experience with SLR's and Pentax) in the late 60's.

During the late 60's through mid 70's I really wanted to work for National Geographic - purchased three Fujica SLR's (ST 801, ST 901 and AZ-1) - shot thousands of slides - was buying 100 ft. rolls of Plus-X. We had made a 4 foot square dark room in the basement for B&W work. My father purchased a Besler 23C color enlarger. We started to use Cibachrome and other such things to develop color film make color prints.

After trying to find work - photography fell by the way side. Got married - dropped out of Graduate school for health / employment reasons. Moved to the NW (Washington state) got a job - not photography related. During our first week in our first house a neighbor kid broke in and stole most of my cameras. The insurance covered the purchase of a Pentax SF-1 with a Tokina 28-70mm.

5 years later the Police dept. in a city south of here called me up and asked if I would like to come and pick up my cameras. I did (another boring story) they all worked (now 4 35mm SLR's). We moved out of our first house (the day my father died - 1996) and into our current one. I had all my B&W film in boxes - in 2004 we were cleaning out the garage and discovered that the film was damaged/eaten by water/mice. Twenty years of images - gone.

I was very depressed, to the point where I was going to sell all my cameras. Saw a add in National Geographic about Photography expeditions jokingly told the wife - she said "Go do this - do this NOW". Bought a *ist Ds and laptop before the Expedition. (I now have 5 SLR's 4 35mm - one digital - also 1 Toshiba P&S - 1 Olympus 35mm range finder - 1 N*kon weather resistant 35mm P&S) Bob Sacha cured me - reawakened the passion instilled by my father. Been hooked since.

Love digital - love film - to paraphrase "I just love the smell of Ektachrome in the morning" -- (used to be Kodachrome - but you can't really find it anymore --K25 rules--)

Just returned from a month long vacation to the South Island of New Zealand - 20+GB (about 2100 images) of RAW images + my hard drive on my PC died two days before we left. I will be working on this for a while.



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Well I'm 44 almost 45. I started in August last year buying the DL with the kit lens. bought a few lenses from ebay to go with it, the 50mm f2.0 the sigma 24-135. Then this December I came into some money and bought the K10 and a 77mm f1.8 limited.I just got the first studio light set and have on back order the 50mm 1.4. I really enjoy learning new things and am hoping in the coming year to learn so much more. And buy some longer glass too :lol: Oh and last fall my father passed away and I now have his Nikon 35mm N90. I've never used it either so I have a lot to learn there as well.
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Ok my turn. Let see. I am 32 years old. I got into photography back when I was going to medical school in New York. Having grown up in southern california, I was blown away by the beautiful autumn colors. I went out and bought a cheapy film point and shoot and would ditch class to take photographs of the surrounding hillside. A few years ago, I bought my girlfiend (and eventual wife) a kodak easyshare 3 MP camera. You can't get anymore basic than that camera, but surprisingly it had gotten some pretty good pics. I upgraded to a canon powershot a95 a year after that and became more serious about photography. I've always wanted a dslr, but the price was out of my budget.

Seven months ago, I was driving up the 5 freeway with my friend Danny and we got into a conversation about dslr. He mentioned that there was a brand called Pentax and that they had a sale on the DL for $400. I've never heard of them before. Later that day, I went on the internet and started doing my research on Pentax. Incidently that is how I found this forum. I knew I had to get a faster camera. My baby Megan was starting to crawl and now that she was mobile, my point and shoot could not autofocus fast enough to keep up with her.

After about a month of researching and comparing between the canon rebel xt, nikon d50, and the pentax dl, k100d, I got fed up with my anaylsis paralysis. I came home from work one friday and told my wife that we were going to the camera store. Later that day I bought my first dslr, the k100d. Hundreds of beautiful pictures later, here we are...
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I'm 55 and have been takin pictures since 1980. Startd withMinolta XG 1. Usually shot Ecktachrome since I was a missionary and needed slide shows when in the States. Best lens I ever had was the Tokina 35-135 push/pull manual focus. I finally switched to Canon in the early 90s because I got a good deal on the Rebel in Malaysia and my wife wanted autofocus. I bought the Tokina 28-200 which was a nice lens, but big and heavy. Then in the late 90s we moved to Germany and became dorm parents at Black Forest Academy. I got my first digital camera so I could send pictures via the web to parents of the kids who lived in our dorm. It was the Kodak DC230 (I think that's right). Then in 2000 I got the Kodak DC4800. I have used that up until September last year when I saw the DL including kit lens on sale at Ritz in NH for $500 with a $100 rebate. I have really enjoyed it and get excited abouttaking pictures again! I think what I like most is the manual focus and the close-ups that the 4800 couldn't do. The biggest problem I have had is getting used to being a photographer again and checking all the camera info before pusing the shutterrelease! I got pretty lazy with auto everything. Below is a photo I never could have gotten with the 4800 or any small sensor P and S. Its with the onboard flash, about 15 feet away in very low light at 1600 ISO.

Attached Images
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Interesting question, interesting answers.

I'm 33. I feel like I've been under a rock for the last 8 years though, since Digicams starting becoming mainstream. I used an old 80s Praktica SLR for most of my photographing. I always knew Pentax as a name, maybe because I had the luxury of being into photography in the late 80s and having a photographer stepfather.

When I was researching dSLRs these past months, I was rather SHOCKED to see that the two biggies were Canon and Nikon. Ok, Nikon, I could believe. But Canon? As far as I knew, they made photocopiers. :lol: I had always had it in my head that when buying a digicam, any digicam, you were better off with a camera that was made by a company known for photography: Pentax, Nikon, Minolta.

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