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I have always been a do-it-yourselfer so I have a hard time sending things away to get repaired or cleaned. So far I am still alive and my family and possesions are relatively in tact. About three weeks ago I noticed some serious dust on my DL's sensor. I used Giotto's Rocket-Air to try and blow it off. No good. I could see the spots with a magnifying glass.So then I figured, what the hey, I'll try and use the Q-tips provided in the Giotto kit. Arrrrggg! The spots became streaks! I was sure I had scratched the sensor and I was dead. Next step, I used some of the kit's cleaner andanti staticclothto try and getthe streaks off. It worked on the streaks, but there was stillspots, only worse! So Iused just the Q-tip, very gently, and then the cloth placed around theend of the Q-tip and finally got it all clean. Below are the shots asI tested the lens after each attempt.

First noticed the spots in upper left and lower right:

After first attempt at blowing and cleaning, all sorts of dust and dirt:

After second attempt. Original spots gone, new ones appear!:

And finally success,after third cleaning!:

I'm not sure if this will encourage you to try it yourself, or will have you thinking, "you idiot, you were just plain lucky to not have ruined the whole thing!" At any rate, let me know what you think!


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I remember my first attempt at dislodging a speck on the DL2 sensor.

Tried blowing it with no result.

Then (big, stupid mistake) q-tip with dmap lens cloth (what was I thinking!!!)

I took it into a camera shop and the guy took one look and said he had never seen a sensor looking so bad. He recomended sending it away.

When I persisted in wanting to clean it myself, he said they had nothing in stock to clean a Pentax sensor!

Searched eBay for the sensor swabs with eclipse fluid, bought them, and 2 passes later a clean sensor.

Daunting at first, then straight forward.

Touch wood, I haven't had to touch the K10D apart from a couple of puffs with the Turkey Baster!

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The Rocket Blaster usually works for me. But this last time I did not have it handy so I tried the old "give it a good blow". Bad idea since along with air I successfully deposited some spit (sorry to be this graphic) on the sensor. In any event, I was forced to use the sensor cleaning kit that I had purchased--cleaning solution plus the swabs and cleaned it. Although the visible spots were gone, I could still see several in the test pictures which looked worse than the orginal dust I was trying to clean. I thougt for sure that my DL was done for. Figuring I had not much else to lose, I tried the cleaning solution and swab a second time and to my great relief, the sensor came clean. Good news was that cleaning the sensor is not as daunting as it first seems. The bad news is that I have no real motivation to get a new camera now that it is working perfectly well.

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I've managed to not have to clean mine yet since having it since Aug 2006. Certainly not because I've managed to not get anything on it. I swear there's a magnet in there! I'm so careful when changing lenses, but......

I periodically bring mine into the local Ritz store and this girl there blasts it out for me. I know one of these days she won't be there and I'll have to learn how to do this. Dreading the day! But, you seem to have done a good job. So, gives me confidence that it can be done. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Well done, your braver than I. Persistence certainly pays off.
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