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PinonMesaJon wrote:

That's a pretty high ISO setting you're using there (800, I saw on a few). Are you shooting in RAW mode and postprocessing? Or if not in RAW, you must be using some noise reduction S/W to get the noise out. If so, what are you using?

I said once I turned off the Sr and using a better SD card I got dramatically higher rate of keepers.
Only the 2nd seagull and the 3rd GBH shots were done with NN2. I said so too as post processing has never been my cup of tea. At one time I have to email the original jpg to Roy for treatment before I posted it. He is a lot better than me.
About jpg or raw: there is no way that I can shoot in burst and raw with my K100D and its puny buffer.
I have to squeeze every ounce of light as typically I will be doing 1/1250 (or faster) and F5.6 or F7.1 (not for sharpness but for deeper DoF.)

-- The K10D does a pretty good job in it's continual focus mode.

I am not sure as I do not have K10D. But without a DA*300mm + SSM, I doubt it can track a BIF in focus ? I have no report of other FA*300mm or FA*400mm users reporting success.
A BIF can easily get out of the 11 AF points of K10D. Amongst all the gurus in dpreview/here with hundred of FA*300mm or FA*400mm around , there was not one (maybe I missed that ) proclaiming that it be done .
The fellow that I mentioned in another post was using K10D with semi pro lens (Bigma and Tokina 400mmF5.6). He has subsequently switched to the dark side.
Only exception I recall is Rogers. I think his main lens is Bigma + K10D. But not sure.

Daniel , Toronto

p.s. Focus trap is widely used for doing BIF. But I was NOT refering to focus trap. I am refering to a method of nailing a BIF in focus , pan and follow the bird all along in focus while flying.

The 2nd one was just 1 second behind with low light and focus on the head

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