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It's a simple sharpness test I did today after my first experience with this lens last week. I came back from a short trip with all photos looking very soft and I realised I was shooting almost all the time at f 22. so I did this little test today. 3 shots taken at f11 f16 and f22. 100% crops, edge and centre of frame. ist DL2 RAW, default Lightroom settings, just arranged in Photoshop.

I knew after last week that f22 was soft but I didn't realise how much difference was between f11 and f22.

At f22 DOF starts at 1 foot and at f11 DOF starts at 2 feet. hardly any difference but IQ is worlds apart.
Conclussion: from now on I'll shoot at f11 unless I have to put camera on the ground and have sharp grass 1 feet from the lens, and even then I'll use no more than f16 (not that it's ever going to happen:-) ).
Apart from that I'm really impressed, now vignetting at 10mm, almost no distorsion which is amazing for that focal lenght, good contrast and IQ, no chromatic abberations. way better than kit lens at wide end and that what I was looking for.


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Thanks a lot for thetime spent on thisGreg, this kind of tests are very informative. Could you postthe full frame f11 for reference?

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After your other comments about the softness of the Sigma at f22, I went outwith my DA12-14 to see how it did. Like the Sigma, it's quite soft at f20 and f22. It was much better wide open at f4 than at f22, and seemed sharpest between f4 and f11 - by f16 it was getting noticeably softer.
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