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Silkypix http://www.isl.co.jp/SILKYPIX/english/

gets many brilliant user reviews when you google "silkypix review"

See a photozone review here - http://www.photozone.de/7Digital/silkyindex.htm

Any users here or any opinions of Silkypix ?

I must say myself, it looks very good.

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I wonder how different the effects are from the basic program that comes with the Pentax cameras"Powered by Silkypix" (didn't read through all the reviews). The layout in the reviews looks more like the thankfully gray user interface of lightroom, but it seems to be the same basic functions in a more user friendly scheme.

Has anyone compared the two directly?
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Hi Rodney

Let me Start by saying i have tried many of the free and pay Raw Converters. I have access to ACR from PSE-5, CS-2. I have Lightroom and RSP (both versions) and PPL. I have used a couple of versions of Silkypix and Capture one. Each has there own pluses and minuses.

So to your question. I personally use RSP( Modified version for k100D and K10). If i Did not have RSP, It would Be Silkypix that I Would use. I am very Comfortable using either.

If you Search this board awhile back "Will" ( Hogrider) Did a Rather Complete comparision of several of the programs.


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Silkypix gives good results. I've tried amany other raw converters and by far the best is the 100% free Raw Therapee. Interface look is customizable, too. The worst in terms of usability and image quality was by far Bibble. What a convoluted interface and I hate the fact that they've named and trademarked features that are available in every other raw conveter.

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