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Shooting test images has verified that my K100D does indeed either skew the image on the sensor or the mirror that displays into the viewfinder isn't perfectly aligned. The horizon tilts down a degree or less to the left in every exposure without the SR activated.

There had been a thread about this a few months ago, I was wondering if anyone had heard anything official from Pentax since other than 'Hmm.. might be a manufaturing thing'

Easily adjusted in post processing, but still something that would be nice to have a workaround IN camera for.

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I am having a similar problem on my DL. Here is a photo of a bridge I took and was sure to line up the timbers with the top of the view finder. I always thought it was just me, but...

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Edited: I sent an e-mail to Pentax, there's a repair facility within 50 miles of me, hopefully they'll send me there. That bridge shot is actually very nice, askew or not. Might be a good test subject for an HDR based off some adjusted exposure settings.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the crop factor of DSLRs, not sure if other cameras have similar problems. There's a lot of 'leftover' image as opposed to a full frame so perhaps it's more difficult to align the projected image from the lens correctly? My other theory is there's a problem with the way the viewfinders are aligned.

Here's a quick reference to how far of mine is, lowest quality jpeg, 1600 iso, no white balance Just ugly but a good refence The first is with the chair rail lined up in the viewfinder using the guides..

The second, which is closer but still not perfect is using the bubble level on my tripod head. Giver I didn't check to see if the chairrail is level..

Using the viewfinder I'm over one degree off, but I'm resistant to contacting Pentax because it sounds like they just accept this from other posts I've seen..

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