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Old Jan 26, 2008, 9:39 AM   #31
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I don't know enough about my 10d yet to think about body upgrades, but the DA*300 could be a consideration:-)

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I just bought (November) my new Pentax K10D and have a bettery grip and the 16-45 mm Lens.

The K20D is very nice, but I'm happy with my K10D. Anyways in about a year and a half or so I'm sure there will be a Pentax K30D which will have 20 megapixels, etc.

I do plan to get the Pentax 55-300 mm (if the reviews are any good) and either a 540 or 360 flash.

After that I think for my purposes I will have all I need. BTW, I have a 35-105 Pentax 'A' zoom and a 50 mm Takumar Macro...so for a guy who likes to take pictures I think I'm on my way to having it all...that I need.
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Old Jan 26, 2008, 11:00 AM   #33
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I started with a Pentax Spotmatic II in 1973 and that kept me happy for 30 years. I got my DL less then 2 years ago, so I'm just not quite ready yet. The DL is a wonderful camera and I am shooting more with a tripod, so don't need the SR. Probably my next big purchase will be something like the DFA100 macro or maybe one of the limiteds. To me the camera is only a way to connect the lens to the eye. So this year I plan to use my eye more and work on my composition. Do you think I can make the DL last for 30 years? What a great camera the Spotmatic was- Bruce
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Old Jan 26, 2008, 1:22 PM   #34
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Right now the K100D has me totally satisfied. I have a kit that I really wanted to have for some time and I'm totally pleased with the results that I'm getting. Even factoring in the fact that I've just acquired the K100D it's going to take quite a sales pitch to make me part with it for a while yet. Am I saying "never"...of course not, as I never say that, but an upgrade isn't in my thoughts right now...I'm just too happy with what I'm seeing from my existing setup. It's still a dandy camera.


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Personally I believe that the K100D, K10D were the more significant introductions because it marked the point at which Pentax was again taken seriously. The new "K2..." series are a big step forward in many ways but they are now really evolutions of the "K1..." series. Cross a K100D with a K10D, sprinkle on a little new technology and you have the K200D. Give the K10D just enough improvement to make it appeal to even more professionals and serious amateurs and you have the K20D, if the image quality is there this camera may prove competition for the Sony A700, Olympus E3, Canon 40D and Nikon D300, especially if the SDM lenses can get AF speeds up.

I will not be upgrading soon but it is so good to see that when the day does arrive I have some impressive choices.

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Best wishes Tom, I hope it goes well.


(Sorry for any confusion before the edit, I really should read more carefully).

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