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I am probably foolish but I sold my K10d this afternoon. The camera is only five months old (almost 8000 frames though) and I have taken some excellent photos with it. My only complaint was the high ISO noise and I could have taken care of that much more cheaply by learning to use a flashgun more effectively.

The K20d is now ordered. If anyone else is in the market, Dell has them at 10% off and seemed to have the best price of any vendor I had heard of.

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Congrats on the new camera order! I certainly can understand how you might be tempted by the K20 - it certainly seems to be well worth the extra cost. Just remember - while it's certainly cheaper to learn to use a flashgun more effectively, it only helps in certain situations. So often a flash isn't possible and useable 3200 is SO tempting!

Dell's already marked them down a bit? Hmmm - if that keeps up I may have a hard time justifying buying from my local store. I really like to give them my business since they are so generous with their demo cameras and are nice people.
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Hi Tim,


I seriously don't think you'll be disappointed. The K10 is a great body, but the K20 is noticeably better in every respect, IMO. Higher resolution AND less noise -- what a concept!

Some of my recent images posted may not have shown this because my monitor or video card had apparently gone wierd on me and caused me to severely undersaturate the colors and push the gamma way to high -- I'm starting to get this straightened out, but I still don't trust it. . . I'm looking to upgrade the MB, processor, and vid card (I'd be forced to get a new vid card -- current one's an AGP -- surprisingly totally unsupported now after only a couple of years) anyway, so I guess this gives me an excuse. . . :-).

FYI, I just picked up a couple of Transcend class 6 4GB SDHC cards with very compact SDHC readers from NewEgg @ 19.95 each -- I wanted two SDHC compatible readers since SD readers won't work -- one to stay with the desktop and one to stick in the camera bag. I had been using PQI 150x 2GB SD cards, but noticed that the write times were significantly longer (bigger files duh! :O ) and I was constantly finding myself waiting what sees like a lot longer to chimp a shot -- which with the DS or K10, was almost instantaneous. The Transcends are faster, but with the K20 it's not as fast as with the DS or K10. I guess they'll do, but it's so hard to try to compare write speed of the cards with no real industry standards -- and the speeds quoted are usually max read speed which may or may not mean faster write times (read marketing hype)-- arggghhhh!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with the K20 and hearing your impressions. One thing -- don't assume that your lenses will perform the same on the K20 as it did with the K10 -- thoroughly try them all. My experience so far is that all my lenses perform better. . . (keeping fingers crossed:-)).

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