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All these pics were shot on the K10D, with the exception of the picture:-TAMRON_SP_300FILM. This was shot using a Nikon FE and a Tamron SP 300mm F2.8 tele lens and Fuji 400asa film. It was originally scanned to 4000 DPI (optical) on a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO. It gave a TIFF file of about 100 megabytes but obviously greatly compressed to be "web friendly". The original is much better than the pic you see here but you'll get a good idea why silver imaging film is far from dead and how much detail a well scanned film can have. 100 asa film is better still and take my word for it that Kodak Tech Pan 25 asa film, scanned to 4000DPI gives - for all intents and purposes - totally grainless and stunningly detailedimages on prints up to3 feet wide.

http://www.rivlin.com/leaves.jpg(400 asa - Sigma 18-200mm lens. Partial crop of original)

http://www.rivlin.com/myles1.jpg(Converted to B/W by PSHOP) Sigma 18-200mm

http://www.rivlin.com/tamron_sp_300FILM.jpg(This pic was taken from about 60 yards away from the subject - hand held at 1/500th sec. Look carefully, you can see the fishing line....)

http://www.rivlin.com/sigma_18a.jpg(Sigma 18-200mm lens 800 asa - partial crop - lovely textures. Almost has a film like appearance)

http://www.rivlin.com/sig10_Uncor.jpg(This was taken with the Sigma 10-20mm lens - picture is straight out of the camera - ie not lens corrected inPhotoshop.Very dim light, hand held 1/10th sec 1600 asa, massively compressed and downsized. - ie at its worst possible.

http://www.rivlin.com/sig10_cor.jpg(This was the same pic slightly lens compensated in P/Shop. It has had the exposure adjusted a tiny bit of sharpening and despeckled. Again, massively reduced in size and compressed. Really just to show how a little bit of lens correction will make a lot of difference.

http://www.rivlin.com/sigma_10a.jpg(Sigma 10-20mm lens. Pretty well straight out of the camera and just resized downwards and compressed - a lot. Also taken at 1600asa and hand held at a slow speed. - The K10D allows many shots that simply wouldn't happen with many other cameras)

http://www.rivlin.com/sigma_10b.jpg(Sigma 10-20mm - slightly reduced and compressed a lot. 1600asa, hand held - fairly dim light but it doesn't look like it.)

http://www.rivlin.com/moon.jpg(K10D, 400asa, Tamron SP 300F2.8, using the Tamron multipliers, giving 900mm. - ie around 1400mm equivalent in 35mm film terms. The camera was mounted on a fairly sturdy tripod - probably not quite sturdy enough. I then enlarged the pic with PhotoZoom 2 and selected the (still very small) fraction of the whole image. This pic is 4 MB but only about 500 x 500 pixels. It goes to show what a few pixels will give. - It's a fairly impressive pic and doesn't look much worse than some pics I've seen taken through a proper astronomical telescope.

Comments welcome!

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Thanks for the samples from the 10-20mm Sigma, I also am hoping for a wide angle zoom in the future. Please post others if you take any under less extreme conditions.


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g'day ian howyagoin lol

oddly enough i prefer the uncorrected building
i know the corrected one has vertical sides
but i still prefer the first one

the first leaves are a Banksia??
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