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[align=justify]I am not sure about all Countries in the world, but here in America, it seems like every town has regular car shows. I'm not talking about a three day event, inside a coliseum, with a steep admission fee. I'm talking about local shows, involving local car enthusiasts and usually held in a parking lot of a restaurant or along the Main street, and free for all. It's a place where everyone can go and look at all the work some guys have done to their car, antique car, roadster, Pick-up truck, etc.


[align=justify]We have several of these shows each week where I live and since we are along the path of the old Route 66, it even more prominent around this region. Every Thursday night, in the parking of "Farmer Boys" restaurant, people gather to look at the restored old cars and customized cars and trucks. Usually, there is music supplied by local talents. It's a place for owners to show their beloved machine and a place for everyone to admire them.[/align]

[align=justify]There is something about the love of automobiles in the heart of all Americans. It seems that most like to photograph cars. One problem I found in these car shows is that it is difficult to photograph the cars without having someone in your way, or having a cluttered background, or the cars being too close together. About two or three weeks ago, I went to the show with my K20D and brought two lenses; the DA 10-17mm lens and the DA 16-45mm lens. Most of the pictures I took were with the DA 10-17mm lens. It allowed me to get very close to each car, and by getting very low to the ground, I was able to isolate the cars successfully. Some of the pictures were just a portion of a car, but easily recognizable.


[align=justify]I think that one of the biggest mistakes that photographers do, including me, is that we don't get close enough to our subjects. Sometimes, we are so far from our subjects that it becomes hard for someone else to look at our pictures and recognize what is the actual main subject.When I take my time and really think what the picture I'm about to take should be entitled, or what message or story it should convey to the viewers, I find that I am more successful. So, for this kind of events, get close, think about what the picture should be entitled, ask yourself if the image in your viewfinder will convey the intended message or story to the viewers, and if the answer is yes… click! If the answer is uncertain, move to a different location or angle. If you just shoot at random, you may still get good pictures. However, you might even surprise yourself at what message the pictures convey, and it might not be even close to what you intended it to be.Simplicity is also a key to good photographs. [/align]

[align=justify]This is just my way to photograph. I am not trying to be condescending to anyone. Some like my pictures, and some don't. The important thing is...go out there and take some pictures. [/align]

[align=justify]Thank you for reading, and please do show us your car pictures and your methods. Are there similar shows in other Countries? I'm sure England does![/align]

[align=justify]Yvon Bourque[/align]

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You have some great ones there. A lot better than mine. I did not do so well and instead I went for the easy ones

Would you elaborate as to why any car shows have a lot of scantily dressed women?

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There are several car shows in Europe that attract a lot of attention, Geneva being the biggest. I have yet to see any in big open fields. There are a lot of car clubs and you can see a pack of Ferraris flying by or aline of cars from the 30s zipping along one of our beautiful mountain roads. I posted some shots from the Geneva showback in March and here's one more from that show.This isnot a show car, but aWorld Touring Car Championshiprace car built by Seat. Iwanted to get the color and I liked the detail of the guy casually looking in the window. The lighting allowsthe car to stand out from the background andyou're right about getting close.

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i deleted all my car photos from my site

my only tips are get in close (i see so many people trying to take photos and waiting till the crowd stops walking past, use a wide angle and get in close )

polarising filters help with reflections and glare

the best hot rod/custom car show in Perth West Australia is big Al's poker run, the second saturday in February usually, on the foreshore near Burswood
for the price of a gold coin donation you cant do better

this is one i played with

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Thanks for the tips. Not a big fan but tomorrow there is going to be a car show (3500+ cars they say) and I plan to be there. Not sure how the weather is going to be since we had storms, tornadoes and all that lately. Hmmm, tornado aproaching a car show: that sounds like an interesting story:-) Just kiding:-) I will see what I can do with my Sigma 10-20mm. If I can I will try the polarizer on my primes and see what happens.
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