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Monza76 Jun 9, 2008 10:01 PM

Just wondering if there are others who, like me, are probably going to stay with Pentax? I can't say I haven't thought about switching, lots of mid range Canon gear in these parts and Nikon is starting to make a bigger impact, but I am just an amateur photographer with a clear view of my own limitations.

I look at the work of the last two to leave (vIZnquest and ToXiQ)and realize that they were probably at a point where they needed something that Pentax couldn't offer. My photographic skills have not reached the point of matching the work of these two members so I have not reached this critical stage.

So, who is sticking around?

My reasons are simple:
1 - I can't afford a whole new system, only a lottery win could move me now.
2 - I am still getting a great deal of enjoyment from my Pentax cameras (the K10D is the closest to a "professional" camera that I have ever owned)
3 - My current photographic interests are well served with my present range of lenses (a fast tele would be nice but I can manage with the 300mm f5.6 end given the limited use I put it to).
4 - For many, many years I did not feel disadvantaged by using a simple K1000 (even after I briefly switched to Minolta AF gear I ended up handing the Minolta to my wife while I carried the old K1000). Therefore I don't really feel that I am restricted now. Remember that I am not at a level of proficiency that would require me to upgrade, most of our recently lost members left because of a specific role that Pentax could not fill.
5 - Cognitive dissonance, "Of course I made the right decision!"
6 - Along with my wife, Annette, there are now three other Pentax users that I regularly speak to locally. Goldwing85 is one of them. It is nice to have a small group with common equipment choices.
7- Did I mention that I cannot afford to switch anyway?

Just to recall what my current investment is:

K10D with battery grip
FA 50mm f1.4
FA 35mm f2.0 AL
DA 18-55mm
F 100-300mm f4.5-5.6
M 100mm f4 macro
M 200mm f4
A 70-210mm f4
M 50mm f1.7

And my wife Annette has:
K100D Super
Sigma 24-135mm f2.8-4.5

I also have two Vivitar 285 flash units, two AC slaves, two lightstands and umbrellas. A set of ebay "poverty wizards" (one transmitter and three receivers) and numerous other small items.

To replace this with equivalent gear from either of the big two would be extremely costly. (Did I tell you about how I can't afford to switch?)

Finally, this forum has been the best I have ever dealt with, and that is because of you guys. There are good people on the other forums as well, but I don't know them.


Rodney9 Jun 9, 2008 10:54 PM

I'm staying. I intend to buy a new K20D by the end of the month or early next.
I originally bought my K100D mostly on it's budget price, to be honest, although I did read many excellent reviews that totally convinced me.

I have seen and read other forums and none are as friendly a as this one. Since joining this forum I feel part of a friendly community, a select one, a Pentax one, and this means a lot to me to me and confirms why I will stay a Pentax user.


bilybianca Jun 9, 2008 11:23 PM

I won't switch as long as the K-mount is valid. Even though I have invested less than my lens line up indicates, it's still the heaviest investment I have made except when buying the house (never owned a somewhat new car). To replace11 top quality lenses from 16 to 600 mm, two converters, flashes and two bodies with Canikon equivalents is simply beyond the possible in my lifetime, if I don't win a huge sum on the lottery.

Being part of this group is also as valid for me as the gear itself.

And lastly, even if it's simple consumerism, I like to be a bit rebellious. Anyone can walk into a box store and get whatever, persuaded by massive marketing, but to get hold on Pentax gear you have to be dedicated and decided!:G

When it comes to what brand is "best", I think the differences are subtle and truly neglectible. There are poor cameras, but no poor quality brand. I don't think any DSLR would deny a good photographer a shot when used in the right way. Just look at Daniels BIF shots!


mtngal Jun 9, 2008 11:53 PM

I won't say that I'll NEVER change brands (I said that I wouldn't upgrade to the K10 and promptly did, so I don't use the word "never" any more), but I think it's unlikely for a very long while.

Like Ira, my budget won't allow it, especially now that I have several expensive (and nice)lenses. In fact, the reason I bought the DS in the first place was because I had several old manual lenses from my ME camera (that I was perfectly happy with for 25 years) and that saved me quite a bit of money.

Second, like Ira, I think the biggest limiting factor to my own photography is me - I make lots of mistakes. I don't always have a good eye for things, or I can't make up my mind what I want to show in a picture and end up with a mish-mash of two (or more) different subjects, or I'm just going through the motions without having any feel or emotional involvement with what I'm taking (something that makes a huge difference, at least to my eyes). I get into ruts and need to seepictures like DigitalGal'sbeach/shell picturesto get me out of them (she has such a good eye for composition and artistry).

Third, I'm not shooting sports professionally so don't care about frames per second (a good reason to switch to C*n). I'm not really a birder so don't need (though I wouldn't mind having) something longer than 300mm (either C or N have good longer options). While I'm starting to like AF more and more with the K20 because its one less thing to worry about, I don't find manual focus all that limiting under most circumstances (there are times I've missed shots with the A300because I'm not always fast enough, but not all that many and not enough to really practice quick focusing, preferring to take my time about it). In any case, I've never found the AF to be slower than I wanted. I've actively avoided flash photography (agood reason toswitch to N)for many years - the 540 is first flash I've tried to figure out. My results reflect the fact that I only half-heartedly have figured out how to use it. I couldn't figure out how to frame a pictureusing an LCD on a p&s camera, sohaving a better live view doesn't mean anything to me (a good reason to switch to Sony, or perhaps Oly). Which means, I don't find my Pentax equipment limiting at all.

The only time I'vethought about switching to another brand was when I was having trouble with the K10's focusing, especially with the DA*50-135 and do a much lesser degree, with the DA 12-24. I got really frustrated and if it hadn't been for the fact I also had the K100, and it was fine, I very well might have switched brands. Instead I got the K20 and have been delighted with it.

Of course, most of these are reasons why not to change, rather than reasons why to stay.

Reasons to stay:

1. All kinds of wonderful prime lenses.
2. Less expensive used lenses to choose from, if I want.
3. Excellent image quality.
4. Nice mix of features with the K20, many of them the same as the D300 andin a lighter, less expensivepackage (K20 is as heavy a camera as I can manage).
5. Weather sealing in a reasonably priced package.
6. This forum is such a wonderful, friendly group and I've learned so much from all of you. I want to continue to be a part of it.

Old Engineer Jun 10, 2008 2:16 AM

Dear Friends...There was a time when I was switching from a point and shoot Canon to DSLR that I wavered between camera makes. The deciding factor for me was that I had had Pentax equipment for forty years, without any problem at all. I had three good Pentax manual lenses. When I realized that it was possible to use the old lenses with the new K10D, I bought the K10D. I have not regretted my decision.

The people on this forum guided me on many matters. Ireceived invaluable information from many of you, and you have made my photographic hobby easier to navigate and more fun to pursue.

I do not get a lot of great pictures, but get enough to know what can be possible. I have not only been able to derive a lot of pleasure for myself, but I am the only one in my family with a really good camera, and my wife, four children, and eight grandchildren all welcome my photographs. I have a truly wondeful and unique family, and my photos are one thing I can do in my doddering old age to bring pleasure to them. When I get the hang of it, I will post pix of my beautiful granddaughters. Maybe, too, my grungy, typical boy, grandsons. Four of each.

Anyway, thanks guys and gals for the help you have been to me.

Old Engineer

beachboy2 Jun 10, 2008 4:23 AM

The amount of Pentax gear is building, so probably too hard to switch? Just had a play with a K20D and K200D this afternoon. Currently have a DS. First thing I noticed about the 200D is the view through the viewfinder and data displayis smaller font and nowhere near as clear as the DS. This was a surprise. So just ruled out the 200D as an upgrade. The 20D however seemed very nice!!!! And for the info of the Aussies out there, price is just dropping. Obviously too much competition from the other 2 brands. K20D has been quoted at $1700-$1800 AUD. Is being offered via a Pentax survey at $1249 for body only. JB HiFi will do body plus kit lens for about $1418. Price not yet marked on the shelves!

So the pressure is on!! (my wallet).

cheers to all


Driver3 Jun 10, 2008 4:44 AM

I think what is happening here is a maturing of the skill levels and equipment requirements in a fairly signifigant section of DSLR users. Pentax brought them to the table inexpensively and these people have outgrown their systems. Things like this are part of the natural evolution of things.

I do find it kind of weird that some people are offended by another persons change of systems. If you knew these people in real life you wouldn't end your friendship with them over somethingso trivial but on the forums, it is like a slap in the face. Does anyone else think that's strange?

I've thought about other systems. I tried a friends C 4Od and found it very responsive. The same day when I got home and found about 90 percent of my pics way oof, it was close. I gave Pentax a chance with fixing my K10 and it has been stellar ever since. I can't tell you how much better it is. It was something much more that just a mirror aligment.

My K100D is always rock solid, if a bit slower in responsiveness. While on a field trip with the camera club to the Heritage Rose Garden, the K100 pics were as good as any taken.

I have some decent lenses,an icon like the viv s1 105, some just great like my da16-45 and Sigma 100-300F4. My next procurement will be something really wide like a Sigma 10-20. I am hoping Pentax comes up with something really long here soon, too.

I am also hoping Pentax gets it together with a faster shooting body. I think for them to stay viable it is imperative. I was hoping the K20 would have been that body. I think the next one will be. That is not to say the K20 isn't good. I've seen the results and they are outstanding.

Irespect people like Walter and WackyRoger(the hotel) who are exceptional bird and wildlife shooters and they're matching their equipment to their requirements.


Dal1970 Jun 10, 2008 5:02 AM

I think Ira has summed it up nicely (as usual).

I have neither the funds, not the "need" to change brands.

I would like to have the Nikon D300, but even to get a basic starter kit - body, 2 "kit" lenses, spare battery and flashgun, would be around £2,000.

Would I be satisfied then. Probably not, as although the equipment has changed, I am still the one taking the shot.

I took a long, hard look at my pictures, and the K10D is enough camera for me at this time. I need to improve my level of expertise with this camera, by which time there should be another 2-3 Pentax bodies out there.

That said, if the K20D comes down to sub £500 then I may be tempted - LOL


Monza76 Jun 10, 2008 9:48 AM

I hope no one took offence to my (tongue in cheek) "defection" remark. I realize that there are good reasons for some people to switch (I hope that was clear).

As for myself I truly have no good reason to switch, I am not just staying with Pentax on economic grounds. I also believe that having more than one system concurrently isn't a bad idea, like having a Canon 5d just for wide angle landscape work, or a fast Nikon or Canon for sports or wildlife shooting. I was using Minolta Maxxum and Pentax cameras and lenses when I shot film. I would be more likely to purchase a camera and lens (from any manufacturer)just for one purpose.


DigitalAddict Jun 10, 2008 10:24 AM

The reason I bought my first dSLR a Pentax (K100D) was the price point and SR. That changed fast and the main reason I am still with it today is the primes (and SR).

My needs do evolve thou and I am not sure at this point for how long I will stick with Pentax. It is a matter of timing: if they come out with the things I want at the right time than I will most probably stick around.

My major complaints:

1. AF not that great
2. Lack of fast zooms such as: 70-200mm F2.8
3. Lack of a 1.3X or full-frame body in addition to APS-C
4. No viable wireless option for P-TTL (daylight etc)
5. Not that many specialty items: tilt/shift lenses etc
6. Weak third-party support: from lenses to right-angle viewfinder

Big pluses:

1. Primes - great quality at good prices
2. Compactness - traveling with high quality prime lenses is just easy
3. SR - no IS/VR/SR for primes with the big two
4. Overall pricing

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