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I love the pentax primes. The pics my k100d delivers with the limiteds makes me really happpy.

I used a Canon 400d recently. The camera sucked but I will say the AF was excellent. Fast and positive in low light, but i hear that's the case with the k20d also.

I don't need fancypants superzooms and megaflashes, and I love in-body IS.

In my mind, Pentax destroys Olympus and Sony. In-lens IS makes Canon/Nikon a no go for me.

If pentax can:
-Speed up AF/make it more decisive
-tweak auto exposure a bit
-quiet down that mirror slap

I'll have everything I ever wanted in a camera
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Old Jun 10, 2008, 1:13 PM   #12
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I'm staying ...

I got the k10d as my first DSLR, and have enjoyed it very much, until lately when I discovered why I couldn't get a sharp shot at larger apertures.
(it wil focus about 1m behind the object if it's at 10m f4 300mm - other lenses aren't that pronounced but show the same problem)

But that's but a technical problem, so this friday I'm sending my trusty k10d in for repair (got 2 years free repair and am getting a k20d to have something to do while the k10d is away :G.

I don't believe that I would get better pictures with Canon of Nikons, so I don't see any real reason why I would change. Even the fact that they have full frame sensors doesn't interest me. Then the rest of the competition, don't like the high iso look of the Sony, don't like the crop factor of the olympus.

Got some descent lenses, sigma10-20 / sigma 100-300 f4 / kiron 105mm / tamron 18-200 and some oldies.

So I feel very happy with the pentax, and this forum is just a fun to hang around on. Although that I haven't been that active lately.

And this friday I'll even be happier.

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Old Jun 10, 2008, 2:17 PM   #13
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rhermans wrote:
I'm staying ...

But that's but a technical problem, so this friday I'm sending my trusty k10d in for repair (got 2 years free repair and am getting a k20d to have something to do while the k10d is away :G.

Wow! That's definitely staying with Pentax - way to go! I still love mine, it just suits me so well.

Ira - I didn't take your post as a slight for those who decide to change to something else - and in my post I gave a number of situations that are very legit reasons (at least in my eyes) for changing brands. Pentax cameras aren't perfect. They won't suit everyone. They aren't the "best" at a number of things. The thing they do offer is an excellent selection of features for those on a budget, and that's saying something. I have no problem with someone going in a direction that Pentax can't take them - that only makes sense and I wish them well (literally!). But I also like your post, too. It points out the positives I feel about my cameras, rather than concentrating on negatives that might be important to someone else, but not to me. That adds balance to the situation (the sky is not falling!).

And now let me get off my soap-box and go take some pictures...
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Old Jun 10, 2008, 4:35 PM   #14
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I'm staying.

At this point in my life My DS and K100D Suit me just fine. I have always owned Pentax Gear and i see no valid reason to change.
Hopefully, when my finances allow I Might upgrade to the K20d or higher, but i am painfully aware that i need to be upgraded first. Its the photographer not the camera.
Forgot to add While it does not play any part in my decision. This forum is my home away from home and All you Guys and Gals are my extended family.


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Old Jun 10, 2008, 4:50 PM   #15
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Majority of Pentax users have a hybrid system (say with Nikon /Canon ) or complete switch is mainly because of AF system (specifically predictive focus tracking) and the poor availability of long tele.

To name just a few, Roger, Hung (royce) and Howard now. It is the way it is and they are free to acquire the tools that they think will give them more edge.

There is no perfect system and if I switch, I will be sucked into an upgrade spiral - not my skill but my camera hardware. If anybody think D300 or Mk 3 are the ultimate equipment, look no further than their respective forums. So far I think Pentax still excels in every field except the fastest sport or birdie shots. But that is just me

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Old Jun 10, 2008, 7:01 PM   #16
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I have been using Pentax SLRs since 1975 and they my current DSLRS (DS and K10D ) suit my needs.

If I were to go into full time professional sport photography a Nikon D3 based system seems to be the commn choice at the moment .

However, I use my cameras in conjucntion with my freelance journalism the pentax's asre still verstile enough to cover my needs.

There is a good range of wide to medium telephoto lenses available and the in body shake reduction is a real plus.

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Old Jun 10, 2008, 10:37 PM   #17
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Well, guess I'll put in my two cents worth (or maybe that's 1/2 cent). I'm no professional photographer. Had a rangefinder in college. I've only ever had one SLR before my K100. That was the Canon EOS300 my husband had bought for my son for Christmas a few years back. He'd bought me a pocket size p&s not realizing I had an interest in photography even though EVERYONE in the family (mine and his) knows you will always find me camera-in-hand at any event). So, before Christmas day I talked him into switching the gifts. (He'd already told me what he'd gotten us.)

Back to Pentax. I took some night classes at the local high school to learn how to use the Canon while also having an Olympus digital p&s. I was constantly struggling between deciding which camera to use. Finally decided to just buy a dSLR. I searched for a year to make sure i was getting the exact outfit I would be happy with. Did I consider the Canon's since I already had one Canon lens? Yes. But, when I thought of the extended cost of rebuying the IS in every lens I ever purchased, dropped that idea. Kept going back to the Pentax and the K100D. I liked the fact you could buy old lenses as my husband wasn't into me purchasing anything but the kit lens. I liked the AS in the camera. Only made sense to me. I bought the first one I saw in a store in August 2006.

I've since purchased three more lenses and a flash. The end of my lens purchases for life according to my husband.:-) I am trying to come to terms with why I don't always get the crisp focused images so many of you do. I'm currently in the process of testing my camera and lenses for front focusing issues. I am perfectly happy with my setup if I could figure out if it's me that can't hold a camera steady all of a sudden or the camera or lenses. Should be able to get that answer by the end of the week.

I'm with Harriet in that half the time I end up with a mish-mash of multiple subjects. I know what I see that I want to photograph, but haven't quite mastered getting it onto the sensor the way I see it.

Someone mentioned being a rebel in picking products. That's me, too. Everyone who isn't into photography always asks me why I bought a no-name camera. Why not Canon or Nikon? Why these people think Pentax is no-name I'll never know. I can remember the K1000 years ago and everyone having one. I also don't use Family Tree Maker genealogy software just because it's the most widely know. Or, the Toyota or Honda car because everyone else has one. Bought the Nissan Maxima recently which is why all spending is on hold in our household right now. I'd had one for fourteen years with 245,000+ miles. Why go with something I don't know. I don't go with the crowd, I go with what I know works for me.

Lastly, Ifeel likeall of you are my family. I thoroughly enjoy the topics discussed here. Have learned a tremendous amount from all of your knowledge you share here. And, know that I can post the most awful photo and will get honest critiquing and suggestions on how to help me improve.

So, am I going to switch? Absolutely not! I have not outgrown the features of the K100 yet. And at the rate I'm going, probably won't for a long time. Do I envy those with the K20? Absolutely. Maybe once I can improve my skills enough and the camera body comes down in price and my hubbie isn't feeling so broke and the sky isn't falling and the planets all align themselves in a perfect line and......... I'll be able to upgrade. But, I have no intentions of switching to any other brand now or in the future. (That is until I become a professional photographer who gets paid thousands of dolllars for others just to look at my photos and they can't afford me to photograph their event or whatever.:-))

Well, enough rambling. I'm a Pentaxian and very happy to be a part of this great group of people.


p.s. I do understand why the others have gone to other brands. And, that is perfectly fine with me. They have their needs and I have mine.

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Old Jun 10, 2008, 11:09 PM   #18
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i have only ever used Pentax
and see no reason to change now

what is it that others can do that Pentax cant, and can Pentax make it so it can do it too

i know what i mean

how much better can those kingfisher photos get, and how much does it cost?

i was thinking about a K20D it has some nice innovations over the K10D, but now i am thinking maybe i will see what comes next, maybe it will be a bigger jump

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Old Jun 10, 2008, 11:24 PM   #19
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I bought my DL, like Rodney, because it was a good deal. I used a Canon the other day and it was nice to have virtually no shutter lag. The DL has a bit and can be a pain in sports shots. As for the need for fast auto focus, I don't usually use it in critical situations any way. Besides that there is no camera that focuses instantly even in the best of conditions. And finally, one of the reasons to change for me would be just the excitement of buying new stuff! I don't really need an new camera, I just want one! Lets face it, the grass is always greener... At any rate whatever any of you decide to do, I hope it works out well whether you have a camera whose name starts with a P, an N, a C, anL or an S.
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Old Jun 11, 2008, 4:34 AM   #20
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Lyrics51 wrote:
... At any rate whatever any of you decide to do, I hope it works out well whether you have a camera whose name starts with a P, an N, a C, anL or an S.
You forgot O

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