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Old Jun 11, 2008, 5:35 AM   #21
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i was thinking about a K20D it has some nice innovations over the K10D, but now i am thinking maybe i will see what comes next, maybe it will be a bigger jump
The jump from the k10d to the k30d will be bigger than the k10d to the k20d, but I don't really expect some ground breaking inovation. (I hope but don't expect)

But I totaly agree with you that the K10D is a great piece off equipment.

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Old Jun 11, 2008, 7:40 AM   #22
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I have no intentions in switching. I'm just getting started, and have way too much to learn as it is.
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Old Jun 11, 2008, 8:59 AM   #23
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Guess what? Not even 5 months after upgrading from K100D to K10D back in January and I just ordered K20D and 360 FGZ (to pair it with 540 FGZ I already have).

Main reason? Believe it or not is for the extra megapixels:roll:

Before you roll your eyes here is my rationale/excuse:
I sell licenses via stock agencies and I found out that I cannot submit the 6MP megapixels images I shot last year to some agencies who now require 8MP+. Thinking ahead (and considering cropping) it will happen to the 10MP coming from K10D as well.

The good news is that I can re-shoot those shots. The 6MP almost paid for the whole Pentax system in less than a year already. It probably was a bit of luck or better said having them available at the right time in the right place.

Now I am committed to Pentax for a little longer:-)
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Old Jun 11, 2008, 9:46 AM   #24
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Hi All,

I for one will NOT change brands.. I am not a fanboy. I came from Canon, Because I did not like the feel or the plasticy pictures. Pentax has a solid feel to it and is well balanced in my hands (without the grip). The pictures that come out of my camera need little or not PP.

These things I could not say for my Canon. I have the same Lens range an type for my Pentax and the differences between the two cameras really stand out.

Why would I want to go with Canon or Nikon? they don't offer in camer stabilization. They are not totally campatible with all of the lenses that they have produced. Canon changed their lens mount and lost a lot of great lenses in doing so.

To get lenses that are equal to some of the older Pentax line you have to buy their PRO models. Same with some of the Nikon lenses. The only thing I wish that Pentax would is to come out with a Thrifty Fifty like Canon. Sure it is Plastic and has a Plastic Mount. But where are you going to get a Brand new 50 1.8 foraround $80.00?

I have an ist D and would not trade for anything!!! Maybe my next camera will be a KXXD, But not ready to upgrade yet..

Besides the newer models can't shoot Raw, Tiff and JPEG. They can only shot Raw (PEF and DNG) and JPEG.

If you read DPreview the ones with the problems are the Whiners, Pixel Peepers and Measurbators. They mainly shoot brick walls and focus charts and complain that they can NOT take any Sports or Action pictures. I have not found any problems taking sports or action pics. But alas I guess that Stock Car Racing, Motorcross and Ski Jumping is Not action or sports photography.... LOL!!!

Well, Enough said as I climbdown fromthe soap box. My feeling are it is not the camera nor the lens that is deficent, It is the person behind the camera that has or is not willing to learn thier equipment...

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Old Jun 11, 2008, 10:43 AM   #25
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It seems to me that tolerance or basically not taking a view of understanding is in short order with some people staying with Pentax for their own reasons. I am not reading into it at all. It is plain to see that. I find that a shame. The mere fact that people enjoy photography is what interests me the most and what they have to share or what they ask along the way to learn. I don't down any system or what choice a person makes. I do appreciate those who expressed enjoying my posts and thank you for that.

I have used two systems for two years running and so what I am using is not a jump of ship or a sudden change. Fanboy I am not. Using a system that does what interests me in my photographic endeavors does. Pentax does well, very well for those that have their needs met for their particular interests.

Pentax however, does not meet mine in the area of speedlights, flashgun or whatever you want to name it. It is my interest based on the influence of (Dave Black). It is the style of shooting that suits my interests. The ability to use speedlights creatively wherever you want (whether indoors or outdoors) has great appeal to me. Best of all, it is wireless and can be controlled by the camera itself without the need of (Poverty, Pocket Wizards). For some, this is a moot point since they have no interest in flash at all.

Like in anything it takes time and practice to learn the camera, system and the use of speedlights. Again, it is an interest that I have that is met by N***n. C***n still struggles with it so it will never be a system of interest to me.

I still like Pentax for the things Ido/did use it for and may still find some shutter time with it down the line.


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Old Jun 11, 2008, 12:32 PM   #26
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I'll be sticking with Pentax for the foreseeable future.

I particularly like the commitment to backwards compatiblity, as it's counter to most corporate trends which place profits above any real concern for the customer base. This may change with the Hoya buyout, but until I see the direction of the company actually turn, this will remain a major factor for me. I also feel that Pentax cares more about the photo enthusiast -- squeezing more features into their bodies for the buck than any other mfg.

Another major factor for me is the existence of the F 1.7x AFA. No other mfg makes anything like it, and it has literally saved me thousands of $$$ in super tele lenses.

I'm a hobbyist, so I don't "need" to get every shot possible, and am happy to get what I can, and I've gotten quite a few with my Pentax bodies, so I have little to complain about. If my livelihood depended on my photography, I might take a different view, but I don't so I won't.

This doesn't mean I wouldn't like a higher spec body, but I have to say that the K20 delivers pretty well for me. If, in the future, I find that I need more, I'm confident that Pentax will come through with a higher spec model that will suite very well by that time.

Last, but not least, is the Pentax online "community". Generally, I've found Pentaxians more friendly and supportive than most others.

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Old Jun 11, 2008, 2:06 PM   #27
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I wish to apologize to the forum, I did not in any way intend this to be any sort of bashing or brand fan rant. I understand why some people are moving to other systems. All I wanted to know was if there were any others who, like myself, haven't really run into serious limitations with their Pentax gear yet.

Tom, I respect your decision, it is based on a real need. I feel that I have caused bad feelings here although I did try to make the point right from the first post that brand loyalty is not really an issue. My "loyalty" to Pentax is based solely on the fact that my limited photographic skills can be over 90% covered by my existing equipment and no brand is likely to reach 100% so I am happy.

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Old Jun 11, 2008, 2:42 PM   #28
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as i just just switched to SLR for about 4 months, it is an absolute 'NoNo' to even think of switching. Especially how would i explain that to my wife.

The reasons why i bought a K100D
1) Shake reduction with the body
2) can use old lenses (not that i had some, but i am searching ebay :-) )
3) price
4) ergonomics (it just fits my hands)
5) last, but not least: the friendly people here at the forum

I would not say, i will never change, but for now my problems are
1) learn to handle the K100D
2) learn to handle my 3 lenses (18-55, Tamron 70-300, M50mm 1,4)
3) learn to see in a 'photographic way'
4) read a lots of books
5) look at lot of photos
6) remember all things i have seen in the books and photos while i am taking pictures
7) post more stuff here, to get useful advice
8) post comments on other members photos
9) find the time to do all these things mentioned above

At the end let me say following:
I explained why i choose a pentax,but it was not a decision based on 'philosophic questions', which are used in flame wars.
For this stuff i am much to old.
I just enjoy my gear, as anyone else will enjoy his/her gear.
At end there are only the photos, which count, and it does not matter, which gear was used to take the picture.
And i must admit, my pics are not that 'good' as i would like them to be.

just my 5 cents
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Old Jun 11, 2008, 2:46 PM   #29
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You're right Ira, there should be no bashing. My son shoots wonderful pix with his D50. And I did forget the "O" and I shouldn't have because my brother was just visiting and using one!

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Old Jun 11, 2008, 2:46 PM   #30
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I don't think there has been any bashing here? In fact, I thought most of the comments have been downright benign in tone and actually very understanding of these circumstances.

It is probably heatlhy to talk about these things but I didn't see anywhere that someone denigrated Tom or any of the other individuals that have switched brands.

There is nowhere the fanboyism of another well known website!...LOL!!!

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