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I honestly don't know.

I'm not really brand-specific. All camera manufacturers nowadays make some great gear.

This post has actually inspired me to start some research about what would happen if I sold my Pentax setup.

Then I looked at what a Canon setup would cost me if I bought everything 2nd hand.
But their small entry DSLRs are out of the question for me, as I want good ergonomics and a top lcd screen. So I would buy at least a 20D or 30D.
I would keep all my M42 lenses, since I can use them on Canon too.

Basicly i would be about 400-500 euros out if I kept roughly the same lens coverage, with the exception of a few I hardly use.
The main cost difference would be in the body price and price of an AF 70-200mm f2.8 lens, which would actually be cheaper than the AF equivalent for Pentax, but more expensive than my MF Tamron 80-200mm f2,8 adaptall.

pros (+) and cons(-) for Canon, all in light to my specific needs, namely:

concert and event photography, and portrait photos.

+ Much larger buffer
+ similar or better high ISO performance
+ All lenses are AF. (esp. useful with the 70-200 and 50mm)
+ 2nd hand market better filled with AF lenses.
+ Market leader, so lots of compatible 3rd party stuff
+ Possibility to upgrade to 5D or 1D mkII/III (much) later
+ Flashes are MUCH more common and cheaper on 2nd hand market

- Worse ergonomics, even with the 30D
- less qualitative low priced glass.
- no automatic exposure with manual lenses.
- no possibility to upgrade to in-body SR.
- Weaker flash circuitry for high voltage flashes

pros and cons of the Pentax:

+ manual glass is a joy to use
+ compact systems with no compromise in ergonomics.
+ some very good older glass out there, for decent prices.
+ K20 looks very tempting with in body SR and high ISO performance
+ I have already invested in this system and have experience with it
+ you're not 'another Canon photographer'

- No professional body yet for later upgrade. (esp. no used ones, since they don't exist yet. 2nd hand K20Ds will be a while too)
- good AF glass is expensive and hard to find.
- Compatible accesories like flashes and grips are almost impossible to find 2nd hand.
- Small buffer, I find myself waiting for the buffer to clear sometimes at concerts
- Uncertain future of the brand.

Nikon has great ergonomics and a good flash system, but it would be interesting for me. M42 lenses don't work on it, and everything is more expensive.
+ unless you go for the recent high end models, the Canon and pentax high ISO is just better.

So basicly I haven't made my mind up yet.

If I dropped some stuff I hardly use anymore, I'd get closer to the price of my current gear.

The choice for me now is to either save up for a K20D, and have a good, versatile system with Pentax, or, bite the bullet and start a Canon setup with a more advanced body, and build up my lenses from the start again.

For now I'm just looking out for a Canon speedlite, since I can use that one with the Pentax for off-camera flash anyway.
Meanwhile I can just see what oppurtunities come by...

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I went from Kodak brownies to a small 35mm rangefinder in the mid 60's and then a K1000 in the seventies...I held off buying any digital camera until they improved a lot...Finally I got a Kodak DX6490 With a 10X zoom...Still have that one and no one can pry it from my hands...Still just too good to let go of. The Kodak has limitations such as no add on lens to reach out a long ways and no really wide angle to help the crop factor in Digi-cams and allow real world wide angle shots. No manual focus at all and a auto focus that will hunt when a bird is in a group of limbs....So after a while I decided to go DSLR...Remembering the old K1000 and how dependable and well made it was a Pentax was first on my list....The K10D is all that I could have asked for and more...Since it was to be bought with my lunch money savings I had to wait a little longer because of the cost but it really is worth it to me. I'm far from a brand Nazi as I moderate a forum that accepts any and all brands. So there is nothing in my mind against any other brand...They all work well if you try to learn their quirks...I know that some offer a wider variety of lens but I just feel good with my Pentax and all those old lens, that in my K1000 days, this poor boy could not afford...They are used now and a lot of them are bargains on Ebay. I'll stay here a while as I've not begun to be as good as the majority of you folks so Pentax will do me for a long long time.... Sides Roy is still here!!! LOLAm I upset or do I feel betrayed that some one wants to change brands of cameras? Never....A good friend is a good friend no matter the brands they choose...I wish all of them well and hope they return every now and then to stay in touch! Good luck guys...I do wish you well, but I cannot follow!

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