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Those pictures were quite lovely. I find it very interesting to see birds and other creatures which are not native to my own area.

Taking such pictures requires great equipment, an artist's imagination, and lots of luck. Most photographers lack at least one of those, hence a lot of lousy pictures. It took me some time to wise up about taking good pictures. The fact is, at least for me, when you spend half a day just shooting pictures outside, you will be lucky to get one outstanding photograph. When I was younger, and able to travel to far places, I would often shoot twenty rolls of film. If I got what I considered a keeper for every roll I shot, I felt good about it. Now, with the help of the digital equipment, my output is about the same, maybe one keeper for every twenty shots. Being able to waste a lot of battery power, instead of film, means I can shoot more shots, but, even using processing later, my one to twenty ratio is about normal for me. I am still learning. In fact, that is probably the state we are all in. I imagine Ansel Adams, on the last day he was able to shoot, learned something new.

I don't have the best equipment, but it is good equipment, and I think I am getting better. It helps to be fully retired, and I hope all of you get that far. It means, with some limits imposed by husbandhood, some by bodily ills, that on any given day I can choose what I want to do that interests me. Photography, particularly now that film and darkrooms are behind me, has become my most important hobby. It provides me a way that I can be and feel creative. That becomes very important as you lose the usual ways to attain satisfaction with your own ability to do things. I hope all of you will be as lucky as I have been in your late years.

Old Engineer
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Those are very nice, but as Kjell said, posting them larger would have been even better.

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thanks Patty

thanks Phil, glad to be back

thanks Kjell,

a bit larger as asked

Thanks Old Engineer,

and a ratio of 1 keeper every 20 isn't bad in my book. Just as an example for the last shot (treecreeper) I took about 100 shot's, maybe that 2extra can be kept.

[line]Thanks Tom,

the larger ones are above.

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Nice shots Ronny, I like #2 the best. I understand your affliction, work has been keeping me from the camera and computer lately. This weekend should be the one weekend of the year I get to bring work and the camera together though.

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