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Getting ready to sell my 400mm lens on eBay, I decided to make another ghetto lightbox setup. A year ago, I made a rather large lightbox using instructions from http://www.jyoseph.com/blog/detail.cfm/post/18. It worked well, but was difficult to use with all the hot lamps, plus expensive (foamboard + work lamps + full spectrum bulbs = $$$).

Rather than deal with the hassle of making that lightbox again, I decided to go with the much more economical lightbox setup discussed on Strobist: http://strobist.blogspot.com/2006/07...to-studio.html

I purchased some white poster board and some dual-color posterboards (one color on each side) from Staples for about $8 total, cut up a spare box lying around the house, cut up a torn Ikea laundry bin that used some translucent plastic, and made the lightbox as shown in the instructions.

Using my Metz 48 AF-1 off-shoe using the Pentax flash extension cord I recently purchased, I gave the lightbox a test. I put the flash on the left side of the box and bounced the flash around 45 degrees and aimed it towards the background while placing it still ahead of the watch.

For the money spent, the lightbox does a pretty good job. Judging by these photos, I will need to cover up the cardboard inside with white poster board to hide the unsightly brown colors.

Also, I'm quite pleased with the performance of the Metz flash. P-TTL is working fully, even off-shoe with the cord. I don't hear the flash recharging at all, unlike the Pentax AF-360 FGZ.

- Jason
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I like the Results Jason....Strobist is a neat site isn't it?

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Hi, so I assume you are happy about the metz? Exposure is right also when bounced? Mine was terrible and had to send it back. I'm debating if getting another or getting the sigma.
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I haven't noticed too much underexposure when bounced. It occasionally underexposes, but nothing that isn't fixable in post.

Here's the reason I made the lightbox (it'll be going on the auction block in a bit):

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works well.. i usually use a 2 sheets of white lucite. i just checked the pentax store and they want a minimum of $190 for the 3 parts unless you get the long cord like mine.. add $45 for that. i tried and tried and tried on eekbay to get these separately and lost every time. when they came up for $50 delivered as a BIN i jumped on it and it's the best $$ i've spent..

i can't hear the sigma500super recharging either.

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