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I used the split screen on my DL2 and removed it when I gave it to my g/f.

To manual focus, it is brilliant, absolute godsend. Until you use it above 100mm. Then one of the semi-circles goes black.

Once I saw that, I remembered it from my film days as being the same.

Depends what you are using it for.

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Hi Dawg,

It was the segments blacking out, that put me off ... when that happened focus wasn't easy to see. I tried it because I had split screen on a previous filmSLR that was built that way, and I liked it very much, I never recall any problem with that one, I don't think the focus screen was as bright in that instance, which may have some bearing on the problem.

Rudo, I hope you don't think I'm hijacking your thread ... I don't mean to.

... Jack
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I found that it would black out as low as f4.5 if the light was a little low. It worked better in my old MF Pentaxes (although the half-blackout is always a problem with these screens). It worked reasonably well with my 50mm f1.7 but still not worth the aggravation.


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