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Default Thom Hogan's view of the K3

Thom Hogan's written a fairly interesting piece on the K3 and the neglect that Nikon's DX shooters "feeling", definitely worth reading.

I think Pentax is doing the right thing with the K5/K3 and I was hoping that Oly would have been done the same with an E7 but oh well, they haveb't and think m43 is the way to go.


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A great read, thanks for the link, only I guess that we are going to see a lot of changes in the near future.

The m43 is already well established and more mirorless camera's with an APS-C sensor are appearing.


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Hey Ronny

I thought it was a good read.. Thom wrote a similar piece last year looking at basically the same thing but at that time, there was nothing like the K3 on horizon and just the latest FF cam's and the m43/mirrorless cams.

It's going to be interesting to see how things pan out... I think Pentax could be onto something with the K3.

Best of luck with the XE1 and Fuji. I had a wee look at the X1Pro a few weeks ago and if it was weathersealed would have walked out with one.



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Interesting read. I've been trying NOT to read things about the K3, the more that catches my eye, the more interested I am. There's several things that really appeal to me on this camera - and I'm currently really happy with my K5/Q combination. Sigh!
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The K-3 looks great. But, this time around, I have to say I'm not feeling any GAS symptoms. There's not much that I can't do with my K-5, K-30, K-01 and Q. In fact, I think I'm going to begin unloading some of my other gear.
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If the K-3 solves what for me are focus issues with Pentax, I will be back to Pentax full time once again!

Yes, I have a K-5 and it pales in comparison to my Nikon FF camera for those of you that are interested.
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Considering a FF Nikon costs from 2-5X more I would hope the K5 pales in comparison. That said it would do wonders for Pentax and consumers, who would have more choice, if Pentax can make the AF as good as Canikon.

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Originally Posted by jelow1966 View Post
Considering a FF Nikon costs from 2-5X more I would hope the K5 pales in comparison. That said it would do wonders for Pentax and consumers, who would have more choice, if Pentax can make the AF as good as Canikon.

People need to keep expectations in check. Even within Canon and Nikon, there are different levels of focus system. In Nikon, the D7100 is NOT going to have the same focus ability as the d4 - and neither is the d600 or d800 for that matter. If Pentax' new focus system is finally on par with the 7d, d300 level of camera that would be a fantastic win. The number of cross-sensitive focus points is a great step forward. That will give still photographers a lot more options. Tracking capability is what a lot of people are going to be interested in. That's not something a spec sheet can determine though. It's also a tough thing to compare system vs. system
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It's an interesting read, but as a dedicated crop DSLR Pentaxian, I really don't care what Nikon and Canon, or for that matter, 4/3 or MFT users think of the K-3 at this time. I would think that This body is meant mainly to keep present Pentax crop DSLR users in the fold with even more professional class performance and features in the body. There will naturally be some migration from the other platforms, but I doubt that this will impact Pentax's market share to any real significant degree. If Nikon and Canon choose not to update their top APS-C bodies, that could change things though.

For me, since the K-5, the AF speed meets my needs pretty well, so any improvement would be gravy. I most often use the F 1.7x AFA with my ultra teles, so that further increases the AF lock speed, so my perception of AF lock speed may be different than others. Reports from preproduction users say that the screwdrive motor in the body has be updated, and now is noticeably faster and significantly quieter. This should also benefit me as 16 of my 17 AF lenses use screw drive. I look forward to hearing from early adopters.

For me, the most probable significant improvement in the AF system should come with the 27 AF sensor areas compared to the 11 of previous SAFOX iterations. Smaller individual sensor areas should allow for fewer errors since I should now be able to have only subject in the AF sensor area instead of subject plus a considerable amount of foreground/background which can lead to the AF system picking the wrong contrast border to lock on to.

Tracking is not very important to me. I don't have a lot of interesting birds to shoot in flight, but the expanded AF-C mode plus the shorter VF blackouts from the faster burst speed should make tracking moving subjects even easier, so performance which has been adequate for my needs since the K-5 should only get better, even if AF-C has not been improved significantly.

I'm not expecting any astounding performance increases, but better for my purposes is . . . better, so I'm looking forward to reading some impressions from real life users, and taking them with the appropriate grain of salt due for user reviews who invariably don't shoot like I do, I'll make my final decision about this body, but at this time, I'm about 90% sold. If there are no significant teething pains from all of the new hardware, and add a small discount to satisfy a psychological need to convince myself that I'm being fiscally prudent, I'll probably buy one in a month or so.

It is interesting to note that this body, infinitely more sophisticated than my first Pentax DSLR, the DS, is only priced a few hundred dollars higher than the DS when I bought it way back when. . .

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As awesome as the K-3 sounds and looks on paper their is little my K-5ii can not do with a good lens and works so well that its hard for me to justify an upgrade right now. But the more I read the more I keep thinking in the back of my head I'd love to have a k-3........
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