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Great shots Harriet, the first two are classsic street photography, nothing boring there.

Gazander, thanks for the car ID, I see what you mean about the retro Camaro cues.

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I hadn't picked up on the Camaro cues until you mentioned it. Perhaps that's where the transformer comes in - they are cars that transform into whatever it is (I have no idea what the movie is supposed to be about). Once you pointed it out, it's pretty obvious.

As far as camera phones - my cell phone has one. I tried it once to see if it worked and haven't tried it again. I'll stick to my Pentax dSLR's, thank you very much.

The thing about the first one - I wasn't sure what I really wanted to take a picture of, the people taking pictures with their camerea phones (definitely) or to try to capture that in the context of the movie theater's marque to give them context. That's what I did and the picture didn't work - the people (my real subject all along) got lost. That first one is close to 100% crop (should have changed to a longer lens, but really didn't have time).
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Really funny shots! There is definitely interesting stuff happening in the streets over there (unlike other places I know).

Regarding the cell phone cameras: I promised myself not to ever get one unless they make me to. I heard that they even have on board flash - not sure why.

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Old Jun 29, 2007, 12:05 PM   #14
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I've never thought about street photography but it looks interesting. OK I did take a few when I was working in Manchester and they converted a part of it into Manhattan for the film Alfie. But I've never pointed my camera at people on the street.

Were you blatant about it or, as I'm sure I would be, were you hiding in the shadows with a long lens?

But that first pic is great, all those phone cameras. Not got one myself but I wonder whether a crappy 2 - 5 Mp picture is better than no picture at all. In theory I am saving up for a small compact that I can carry with me when I don't have the dSLR . In practice I keep finding things for the Samsung that I want first!

As for the Transformer, amazing. My eldest would have been beside himself with excitement (obviously in a very 25-year old way) as he loved them as a young boy.

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1st shot is great. you could not have posed them better. S P is tough for me also.

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