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They wouldn't let spectators into the pool area to watch the first leg of the triathlon, so I could only work on the biking and running legs. I thought this task would be easy, considering I have been photographing surfers for a little while now.

Boy was I wrong. I had problems with the lighting, as there were no clouds whatsoever to diffuse the sunlight. I was using my ND filter to try and cut out some of the light to capture some motion, but that was very hard to do, even with the monopod I had. It took me a while before I figured out I was using way too slow of a shutter speed. I was still getting blur from the main subject, but it was more manageable after that.

I was totally lost on what I was going to do to capture the running portion of the triathlon. As this was the last leg of the race, I went as close to the finish line as I could, but they had those crowd-control fences out, which prevented me from getting low and close. So I went away from the finish line until there was a part of the path that wasn't barricaded. Still, I was lost on what to photograph. In the end, nothing really spectacular came out of that section. I did scrape my knees quite a bit though from getting low on street pavement though.

Anyway, here's the few shots that came out decent:

- Jason
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Hey Jason

Nice shots!!

I learned something watching one of my fellow classmates & the instructor in the architecture photography class I'm taking..

What I learned was that articulated skateboard pads with the hard outer shell can come in very handy protecting elderly knees (actually any age knees!!) from the ground, especially asphalt & concrete..

Both the instructor & my classmate are older than me (53)..The pads made it much easier for them to obtain those low-level shots, compared to the rest of us..

In the instructors case the pads are the only way he can kneel on hard surfaces, as he has had knee surgery..

I'll be purchasing some soon!!

Check out some at a skate shop..

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Well I think you did good, you captured the movement quite well.
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Bruce - great idea! Maybe I'll have a use for some old ice hockey shin/knee pads I have under the house (haven't played in a very long time and doubt I'll take it up again).
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Be sure that the pads are comfortable enough to wear for 4 plus hours..

Our classes typically run that long on Saturday mornings, & I've not heard either person complain about discomfort..

Unfortunately, the pads I own for sheetrocking & carpet installation ARE NOT comfortable to wear for that long..

The elastic straps that go around the legs above & below the knee tend to pinch behind my knee..

That's why I'll be getting the skateboarding pads to wear instead..

They aretaller from top to bottom so the straps are farther below & above the knee, resulting in much less discomfort..

This is especially true the longer you have them on (So I am told)..


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