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a question for those who owned the K10D and now have the K20D. looking for on hands experience on the advantages of the K20D over the K10D

not the specifications, but true on hands experiences,

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Hi Dave,
You can find my first impressions here:

My thoughts today are still pretty similar. The K20d is a good camera but so was my K10d. The K20d does seem to have smoother grain/noise at higher ISOs which was my main reason for upgrading and it appears to bias towards lower ISOs over faster shutter speed which is a bonus in my opinion.

Since my first impressions, I have managed to fill the buffer once in the 3 fps burst mode, so the K10d has a slight edge here.

In the end, the K20d delivered exactly what I said I was looking for. However, I think I had built the expected difference up in my mind beyond what was reasonable. If I had to do it over I would probably either wait for prices to fall a little bit or wait until I could afford to keep both bodies. My K10d was a very good camera. The K20d is better but not twice as good. Of course, my K100d is a very good camera too, I guess I have yet to have a bad Pentax.

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I'm not sure I would have been as interested in upgrading if the AF issues with my K10 hadn't been driving my crazy. As it is, I'm actually more than satisfied.

My initial dSLR was the DS, which I loved. However, I knew that I couldn't manage anything longer than 200mm, and that could be iffy for me. I spent aweek trying to shoot birds at a lake in the Sierras and got so frustrated with the limited range, I decided I to get a K100 when it first came out. The reviews had mentioned better jpgs with the K100, but that was the difference between the DS's vivid vs. the K100 bright. Since I shot natural when I shot jpg (not often) the two cameras looked alike to me. I did find that SR made a difference, so I bought a 300mm lens and kept something wide on the DS and a long or macro lens on the K100. I was perfectly happy with this combination.

And then it was Christmas time. I suggested a couple of lenses but my wonderful other half likes to buy me cameras (lenses aren't interesting to him), so he bought me the K10. I never saw much difference in image quality between the three cameras - I liked the extra controls on the K10, but didn't think it was necessarily "better" than either the DS or the K100. In fact, the first pictures Iposted with the K100 and K10 were taken with a coupleof 50mm lenses I have when I was thinking about selling one of them. The pictures,when resizeddown to posting size, looked identical and when you looked at 100% crops,the only difference was that the K10'sslice was larger. I sold the DS (in some ways I'm still sorry I didn't sell the heavier K100) and shot mostly with the K10. I didn't particularly notice the AF issues until I got the DA*50-135 because I was using manual focus lenses quite often, and it was inconsistent.

The last day I had the K10, I took some comparison shots and thought that the differences were minor in some ways, but huge in other ways. The biggest benefit was the K20's AF - it never had a problem getting the correct lock, while the K10 mis-focused once out of 15 shots, and didn't get a lock a couple of times.

As far as image quality goes - looking at the pictures side by side, there wasn't that much difference in some ways. Color/WB is different. The K20 pictures are more saturated, even when shooting raw. But that turned out to depend on the lens - the DA*50-135 and the A*300 have given me significantly sharper/better pictures with the K20, while I see little difference when using the kit lens or the Viv (which is a very sharp lens on either camera). I posted the couple of shots I took with the K100 and the K20, showing this - my old kit lens didn't show much image qualitydifference between the two cameras to my eyes - the K20's 100% crop just looked larger than the K100, not necessarily better. However, when I compared pictures taken with the DA*50-135, I could see a very significant difference - the K20 offered a whole lot more resolution and detail than the K100. I find the 100% crops very inviting, while I often preferred to resize at least a little with the other Pentax cameras I've had. And I sometimes have trouble resizing a full frame picture to post here - the pictures (whether raw or jpg) take much less post processing (some of mine have been looking over-processed/harsh recently. Could be because ofmy monitor, too!).

I love the pictures at higher ISOs; the DA*50-135 has nowbecome one of my favorite lenses; andI see much less PF with the A*300. The larger files do take longer to process on my older laptop, and I'm still experimenting with processing raw files with Lightroom. I may just go back to shooting jpg, like I did when I first got the camera (haven't decided).

I'm a MUCH happier camper since getting the K20. Photography has become fun again, where I'd been feeling frustrated with the K10. But that has a great deal to do with the issues I'd been having with my particular K10. If I had been happy with the K10, I'm sure I would have waited until summer at least, or probably until Christmas time. In fact,I really wantedto wait until the next camera (K30 or perhaps K300), and I felt that the K20 was really too expensive for my budget/photo capabilities. But I'm actually happy I got the K20 because it's given me a much greater appreciation of the two * lenses I have. And unlike Tim, I had no particular expectations that it would be hugely better than the K10, bought it mainly out of desperation. I've been VERY pleasantly surprised and delighted - I got more than I had expected.

Is it worth twice the K10, especially if you already own a K10 you are happy with? Perhaps not. Definitely not for some, definitely yes for others. I can tell you that I'm not sorry about buying mine, and don't regret spending a whole lot more money to buy it over spending around $300 to get my K10 fixed.
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thanks for the replies, trying todecide if i should up grade or is my wallet just itching

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