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Have just returned from a week in Scotland. The weather was actually very kind with the result that I fired off something like 1200+ shots - but I won't post them all, at least not in this post!

On Thursday we went for a 2hr cruise on Loch Shiel. The boat puled away from the jetty and head to the head of the loch so that we could see a steam train pass over a viaduct (used in a Harry Potter film). We then headed back down the loch. It was a beautifully peaceful morning and we were the only boat in sight.

Then another form of transport shattered the peace.

(100% crop to 800x600)

It screamed across the sky a couple of times then disappeared behind the hills. Peace was restored - for about a minute as it returned flying very low and very fast

(100% crop to 1200x900, resized to 800x600)

I barely had time to swing the GX-10 in its direction and shoot the above pic and the next pic

((100% crop to 2804x2103, resized to 800x600)

and finally this one

(100% crop to 1600x1200, resized to 800x600)

As you can see, I was having a problem with dust that day! Thankfully I was shooting in RAW plus JPG so should be able to rectify the dust problem in software (once I learn how).

I must admit that I was quite pleased with these shots. As I said the jet just appeared over the hills and zoomed by. The GX-10 was set at ISO400 (it was a gloomy morning) and luckily it had the Sigma 70-300mm attached. All the above were taken at 300mm. The fact I got anything was, for me, a miracle and that they weren't all just a messy blur is quite astonishing!

We then proceeded along the loch with only the occasional sound of the jet in the background. As previously stated the loch was very quiet and, at the top end, very still as you can tell from these shots

(both cropped to 3456x2592, resized to 8000x600)

Actually we did meet a little traffic on the loch but it soon got out of the way

(all 100% crops to 800x600)

Unfortunately the golden eagle refused to make an appearance but I did get my second sighting of a heron that week

(100%crop to 800x600)

Possibly a heron post will be forthcoming as I saw them on 3 separate occasions all under different circumstances. However, with so many darned photos, it does take a while to sort through them all.


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Wonderful photos Keith but No. 5 gets my vote. Really gorgeous photo. Love the reflections and the outboard motor adds rather than taking away as it give a perspective and makes me feel I'm right there seeing it in person.

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Number 5 is a fantastic shot, the others are merely wonderful.
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Keithw wrote:
...........Loch Shiel.
You've answered my question as to which loch, posted elsewhere! Thanks, Alan T
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Lovely shots, I am partial to #6 myself. Great job catching the Tornado, the third shot is really good, especially considering that you were not prepared for an airshow!

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No. 5 gets my vote to, beautiful.
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Whilst I agree that No5 is very good, I like No8?

Looks like the famous whale tail shot!

I am going to Scotland in September after getting married.


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