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I've got thick skin. So, tell me the truth.



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Actually, there is nothing special about them. When I vote on photos on PPG I try to decide amongst other criteria...."Could I imagine that image in a glossy magazine" selling a product or being a natgeo moment.

If I can't then I don't approve them.

The flower is focussed and exposed correctly but lacks any sort of dynamic punch that says WOW!, it is just another flower.

The bird shot is the nicest of the three, but again, not making me look twice. Again, it is focussed, good DOF and well exposed.

The spider image is detracted by the damaged web. Think about what you were trying to achieve with your shot. The wonder of the spider and mother nature? Also the leave stuck inthe web. I think the spider was having a lazy web repairing day. :G

I hope you don't feel I was too harsh, butyou did ask.

I am tryiing to get another series of shots together for the PPG and keep banging away with the K20D and keep rejecting my own shots before I even submit them :lol:


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Hi Eddy,

I'll have to agree with PK's assessments. All three are good shots, but for me, the elements that specifically detract from each of the shots are:

#1 The lack of sharp focus across the frame, and the apparent imperfections on the petals. IMO, and I'm not that much of a flower pic person, the flower has to be perfect, and the perspective has to be unusual for the shot to be memorable.

#2 Maybe just a personal thing, but I strongly prefer bird and animal shots with no man-made objects in the frame -- even a weather-worn fence post might be only marginally acceptable in some cases. I do a lot of feeder shots, but mostly as feather/facial detail studies. It also helps if you can catch the bird in some unusual activity or pose.

Of course, any shot of a very rare species would qualify as a great shot for a birder, but I'm afraid that even that won't get a guaranteed thumbs up from PPG from a photography standpoint.

#3 In addition to the damaged web, the dark leaves to the upper right and the leaf to the lower left are both distracting to me. In bug macros, I find the "Wow" factor is usually in a very high magnification view from a perspective that I've never seen, with a very clear focus isolation of the subject and a very OOF background. I will give you points for even getting close to that guy though!

Again, I think that they are all very good, but as in 99.99% of my shots there seems to be something that I can say "If only. . .". I guess that's the learning process. . .:O

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Were these so bad, YES TERRIBLE :blah:

It's difficult to add something after Scott and pk answered.

So I'll just give my personal view.

For me, the first shot isn't interresting enough so would be dropped by me.

The second is good, only that piece of fence bothers me. Personaly I wouldn't throw it away.

The 3rd one isn't a bad macro and if it's a rar spider I would keep it. The fact that the web isn't complete doesn't bother me at all.

So nr2 and 3 are good enough to keep in my book.

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The gallery is hit & miss, very strange entry system.

I've uploaded some of my best concert shots, and only 1 of them got accepted.

The 2nd one is the best of the 3 if you ask me, and I think it must have gotten pretty close to being accepted, it's a very good shot.

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The big problem with the PPG is the volume of photos entered such as multiple views of the same flower instead of picking one good one. If they would only allow one entry per day it would help and wouldn't make the voting process so tedious, which would then make voting on the rest easier.

As was mentioned before your entries are good but not great and great is what they are looking for.

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OK here's what you need to do

1. Flower - not in focus edge to edge - buy a more expensive lens?

2. Bird - Great focus, great DOF - but - not rare enough, on a man made object (SHAME ON YOU!!), and the "Cardinal" sin - you didn't get him to pose ("If I could talk to the animals, talk to the animals, talk to the animals......")

3. Spider - 2 housing code violations there you substandard web flipper!! Where was Spider Man when you needed him?

Shesh - how much time and money would one want to spend to get accepted by the PPG elite? Is this your hobby or your life?

Do you really need someone else to tell you when you done good? Based on what I see here, I think you already know.

Photo of PPG voters looking for rare birds and the perfect Web.
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1) The highlights aren't necessarily appealing, and look a bit blown, especially with the pollen.

2) The composition of the bird is not terribly interesting and in my opinion, is bland. There is too much brown hues in the image, so the contrast isn't terribly exciting. The bird is looking off-screen, so I wonder what its looking at. Too static for my taste.

3) I like the idea, but the spider is slightly out-of-focus in my opinion.

- Jason
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Old Mar 24, 2008, 11:45 PM   #9
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I'd be really happy if I had taken the second two shots - they are better than anything I've done as far as birds and spiders go (though I don't go looking for spiders). I think that a picture has to be perfect to get into PPG, and not surprised if it would take perfect AND unusual.

The spider (to me at least) is an unusual looking spider, but think the picture isn't perfect (close, but not perfect) - perhaps it could use a little more DOF. If it were mine, I might play around with the picture's levels or curves (depending on your program) to increase lights/darks a bit since it seems a bit dull color/tone-wise.

The bird is excellent in my opinion, but I'll defer to everyone else's opinion of it. As I said before, I'd be really happy to have taken it as it is better than my own bird pictures.

Just my opinion, but your flower is theweakest of the three. I can't tell you how many pictures similar to this one I've taken, and haven't been happy with them either. First thing is that pinkish red is not a color that I've had much luck capturing properly. When I first looked at this picture on my monitor at work I thought it was way over-saturated (quite common with that color), but it looks quitenice on my monitor at home, so I'm not sure that first reaction was justified (but others may see it the way it appeared on my monitor at work). The biggest fault this picture has in my opinionis the DOF - it just isn't big enough. That's been my biggest problem with flower macros and why I've gone to using a flashgun - f8 won't get a big enough DOF with a 90mm lens.

If this was hand-held, you did extremely well with it - 1/60 is pretty slow shutter speed for a macro. There's no sign of camera shake. It's not a bad picture at all (so enjoy it) but be aware of it's weaknesses, too. You might want to try cropping it closer (which would give you less OOF petals). I'm not sure it's all that much better - I'll leave it to your opinion. By the way, while the pinks look OK in internet explorer on my home monitor, when I opened the picture in CS2 to crop it, it went back to looking way over-saturated again. Don't ask me why that happens sometimes (I've noticed it with my own pictures occasionally).

Remember that I actually like the picture, just don't think it's exceptional enough to overcome it's flaws. Let me know if you think my crop is worse - composition isn't my strong suit and I'm often wrong when it comes to what makes a good picture. If you really dislike the crop, let me know and I'll happily remove it.
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Perhaps something more like this for the spider. I like the bird shot.
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