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I haven't used these in a while, but when I took them out of the cabinet recently I found that the black rubber coating on my 400 and 500 Sigma APOs has deteriorated - gotten really sticky, and rubbed off some blackwhen I tried to clean one. I didn't need to use insect repellant, but I did need sunscreen when out on the ocean photographing seabirds, where sweat was not a problem either. I tried to koeep my hands wiped, but I don't know what else to blame it on, unless it is the smog, which over time can even attack automobile tires (but the lenses were in a cabinet when not being used). It is on the areas most handled. My rubberized 500 mirror (which I used even more) has not (yet?) been affected. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anything be done? I don't imagine Sigma would/can replace it on these discontinued lenses.
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My husband's suggestion was to not take a shower in 3 days. I somehow think that might make you even more attractive to biting insects.

There was an article that I read several years ago about the Avon product - it didn't work at all as a repellent.

Years ago I worked as a camp counselor and the thought then was that liquid vitamin B1 would work, while supplements that weren't liquid wouldn't. I have no idea if it makes a difference, but I'm normally a mosquito magnet and that summer I only had one bite (and didn't use any other repellent).

I do use DEET containing repellents on occasion, but not that often. Thanks for the warning about plastics - I had forgotten about that.

The biting insects that bother me even more than ticks are chiggers. I never did find anything that would keep me from getting them every year when I lived in Texas, and one of the good things that California has over Texas!
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Many of the chemicals that are in the products sold to put on our skin have adverse affects on plastic..

If these chemicals affect plastic adversly, are they REALLY good for human skin??

Over the past year I have become increasingly aware of the chemical make-up of the products that I come into contact with during my daily life.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body..What you put onto it has a HUGE effect on your health..Read the labels..Find out what the hazards, if any, are of the chemicals that you are putting on your skin..

Then decide if you wish to continue doing so, or do you want to investigate alternatives??

Be healthy..Take pictures.

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Very good topic that I've been contemplating as I go out this weekend. The mosquitoes are swarming this weekend. I've tried the Avon thing years ago, but didn't really seem to work and I couldn't take the smell. It must have musk oil or something in it.

I try not to use DEET products, but I live in the woods. And, we have EEE around here, so have to use something. And, we've had so much rain this spring and more for the end of the week, I don't think they are going to leave soon. We've even had them in the house already even though there are screens on the windows. We also have ticks, but no chiggers up here. Thank goodness. Those things hurt. Had them when I lived in Georgia.

The vitamin B theory is interesting. I've been taking B100 tablets for years. I hadn't been bit yet this year or much in recent years now that I think of it. But, they do seem to find me. I'm also a mosq. magnet. Maybe the B is working and I'm just not being bit. Will have to look into that.

Will definitely keep the hands clean for the camera, though, with the comments about it "melting".

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Old May 29, 2007, 8:20 PM   #15
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10 Ga. Magnum and an Uzi. I'm in Alabama. Watch hit tho'''... The blast can leave powder burns on a long lens.

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Having grown up in southern Florida and spent time in southern Louisiana, I can tell you that you havn't seen mosquitos until you:

have breathed them in and had them stick in the back of your throat, or

have blinked and crushed them between your eyelids (they're cold), or

seen the back of the khaki shirt of the person in front of you solid black wherever it touched his skin, or

have had to use your windshield wipers to clear the windshield of them so you can see the road, or

had your face swell up to where you couldn't feel your fingers touch the skin, or

been there in years when they killed cattle (drove them to exhaustionfrom lack of sleep through round the clock swarming over them), or

been sucked on by a Psorophora (a Really, Really Big Mosquito) - I swatted a tanked-up oneone on my shoulder once and there were blood spatters on the headliner of my Ford for years.

Unless, of course,you have been on the Arctic tundra in the summer (which I haven't), where the mosquitos have been said to be as big as B-29s.

All true (except the B-29s, which must have been an exaggeration).
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I forget what they spray in KW, but controls things pretty well.....

And while bugs were a problem up north southern mosquitos don't really like me... if there is anyone more appetrizing around.....

Then again could just be how much I love garlic. They are little mini vampires after all :roll:
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