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ennacac wrote:
Aperture 2 is the only version that almost replaces Photoshop completely, version 1.5 is more of an organization program.

I agree, and I myself have an Imac and use Aperture 2.0 exclusively for all my raw/jpeg pp'ing and workflow. If learned Aperture 2.0 is an exceptional program and not only can it organize all your files in a great way, but can also be used to achieve amazing results. I also have Photoshop cs2 on my mac, and have Aperture automatically open up Photoshop cs2 for hardcore editing when i right click on a file and choose the edit option. Then when i save the file in photoshop, Aperture automatically saves another version of that edited file. Genius.

I strongly recommend if you have a mac to at least give aperture 2.0 a shot. It will serve you well.
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Old Jul 27, 2008, 3:16 AM   #12
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i am using Gimp for editing, tried a couple of other stuff like PSE,Uleads photo impact, paint shop pro (all in the free evaluation versions) . But as i am used to Gimp (and i know that this is working on Linux too, i stick with it. (don't kow if it works on a mac directly?)

The only stuff i am looking for is a good ordering, sorting and viewing tool for Windows. I tired Picasa, Faststone Image Viewer. They are all nice, but i am really missing the possibilities of tags, which i can create on my own.

bye alex

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I use a variety depending on what I need done:

For sorting through pictures prior to editing I use Fastone Image View which can handle JPEG and RAW; it can also gather and present on a single screen upt o to 4 images for comparison. It can also do color/brightness/contrast & sharpness editing. Additionally it can batch process image file names, etc. This is usually the first tool I use. BTW, it is a free program for home users.

For detailed editing, I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite. I like the functionality and ease of use much better than PS Elements 5. I'm continuing to give PSE5 a chance becuase MS Dig Image Suite is no longer being supported (I heard). Therefore at some time I will need to make the transition to PSE 5.

For Noise, I use Noiseware (also free).

I tried Corel PSP, but could not quite latch on to it. Tried Lightroom with about the same results.

Hope this helps!



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I do like Lightroom - I really like the crop/rotate tools and other develop tools. It's also nice for printing contact sheets (I back up pictures on DVDs, then print a contact sheet for reference). It's very capable as a picture origanizer (you can assign keywords to pictures etc), though I don't use it much for that. It won't actually change the original file, works by storing commands. If you want to save the changes, you export it to a new file - nice because you can't accidentally save changes to the original.

But it won't resize or create layers etc. - I use CS2 for that. I've been using Photoshop since PS3, so it's what I'm familiar with and don't want to change.

Penolta - I'm still thinking of replacing our Windows computers with Macs (maybe Christmas?). I'm interested in how you found the transition. Way back when I used Macs at work (like 10 years ago) then bought a Windows computer. It was quite a transition, rather frustrating (and still frustrating at times!), I wonder if I'd find it difficult to go back. I know that all of the programs and interface has changed significantly since my days with an SE80 and a brand new PowerMac.
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Harriet, once you have seen that 24" display on the iMac you will never want to go back. I have my "old" Sony LCD monitor hooked up alongside for a dual display - I was satisfied with it before, but it looks positively dull by comparison. I have only been on for maybe 2 weeks, but I am getting the hang of it, installing one peripheral or software package at a time. It could be pretty daunting at first without help (a demo visit to a Mac Store - very helpful people on the floor there, plus a good book. "Switching to the Mac, Leopard Edition" by David Pogue was quite helpful). The biggest hassle has been with third party hardware installation (two printers and a slide scanner) which only come with Windows or pre-Leopard installation discs - you have to download everything from their websites with little or no instruction. Apple has a selection of printers you can get free or nearly free from them with the computer purchase - I chose a Canon photo printer, and after several days of fruitless email correspondence with canned replies from Canon, I telephoned; Canon support could answer nothing about Apple installation and connected me directly to Apple, whose Support technician knew more about the Canon printer than the Canon techs! HP and Plustek were not much better, but everything is up and running now (however I still can't find one of the two Canon drivers I had to download!). I have been in computers since the Osborne I, and may have too many questions that could be irrelevant in today's plug-and-play environment. I think you are a savvy enough person that you should have no real problems switching. You should listen to Leo Laporte ("The Tech Guy") Sat and Sun 11-2 on KFI radio (AM640) - he is the one who convinced me to make the switch.
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I use Bibble for RAW conversion and initial adjustments, and they make a Mac version.

Unfortunatley the have not updated it for K20D RAW imjages when running firmware updated to 1.01.

It still supports the latest k200D.

It is also handy for initial JPEG ajustemts as well as RAW and does not alter the original file as it will only save the edits as a new file.

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Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Adobe CS3. and Photofiltre. Also Nik Efex Color Pro filter suite With DCE Tools Auto enhance suite.

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I use the full version of Silkypix. I love it. It is so much more than a raw converter! And, you can edit jpegs with it too. If it had a cloning tool, it would be almost perfect!

I also use Elements4 for some things. I like the crop tool and for lighting adjustments it is pretty easy. I also sometimes use a plug-in for Elements called Smart Sharpen by Chroma. I like the way it sharpens certain types of pics. I am doing a comparison now of Smart Sharpen V Multi-pass USM to see which like better.
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